Father Broke Daughter’s Vírginty – Girl Confesses


A 17-year-old female student of Takoradi Senior High School (name withheld) has confessed to DAILY GUIDE in an interview that her biological father has been having séxual intércourse with her for the past nine months.

The girl claimed that she was a vírgin but her father, who was sojourning in Spain and returned to Ghana in December last year, broke her vírginity at his Adiembra residence near Sekondi, where he had séxual intércourse with her on several occasions. “At the age of 16, I had not slépt with any boy or man, but my father returned from Spain last December and started having séx with me,” the 17-year-old girl alleged.

Asked why she did not inform her mother of the alleged abominable act by her father, the girl indicated that her parents had divorced and that it was her father who was taking care of her. He threatened to stop paying her fees if she told anybody. “If my father doesn’t pay my fees no one will do it. My mother does not have the means to take care of me in school so I was afraid to inform anybody about my ordeal; not even my mother,” the victim claimed.

The 17-year-old girl told DAILY GUIDE that she is a Methodist but her father had been preventing her from going to church, thinking that she might inform some of the church leaders of what he had been doing to her. She noted that about two weeks ago her father made an attempt to sléep with her after she had returned from school but she refused and he plugged an electric iron and placed the heated metal on her right shoulder and thigh, resulting in serious injuries.

The girl indicated that on Friday August 23, 2013, after she had returned from school her father demanded to have séx with her but she refused and he gathered all her belongings including school uniforms, text and exercise books and set them ablaze. “After that he still wanted to have séx with me so I run away to a neighbour’s house and it was there that I broke the news to some of the residents and they also decided to call DAILY GUIDE to publish the story for the whole world to know what my father had been doing to me,” she revealed.

When Daily Guide arrived in the Adiembra community at about 7:00pm last Friday, scores of residents who had heard the story were seen in groups discussing it. After narrating her ordeal to Daily Guide, the young lady begged to be taken to her mother at Fijai near Sekondi. There the victim broke the news to her mother, Auntie Mansa. The mother, who broke into tears upon hearing the story, gave the name of the father as Samuel Otoo Hughes. She queried her daughter for hiding such an abominable act by the father from her all this while.

Daily Guide learnt that personnel of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVSSU) of the Ghana Police Service in Sekondi yesterday arrested the father and placed him in custody pending further investigations, after a report was made. Daily Guide also gathered that a medical report form was issued to the 17-year-old girl to attend hospital after which the accused person was arrested. A source at the Sekondi DOVSSU confirmed the arrest but declined to give further details stressing that investigations into the case were still ongoing.