Female Teacher Arrested After Inserting Fork Into Two-and-a half-year-old Girl’s Private Part


A woman who allegedly defiled a two-and-a half-year-old girl in Ilupeju area of Lagos has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.

Sources say the suspect, identified as Funmi, who is a teacher in an undisclosed nursery and primary school around Ilupeju allegedly inserted a fork into the little girl’s private part.

It was gathered that the little girl’s mother noticed when she took her daughter for a shower after she returned home from school crying. The girl’s mother knew something bad must have happened when her daughter couldn’t bear the slightest touch on her private part, and asked the girl who told her what her teacher had done.

The mother was said to have reported the case to the police, and the school’s management was informed. But all the teachers reportedly denied, saying the child might not know what she was talking about.

All the teachers in the school were said to have been subsequently paraded before the child to identify the culprit, in order to ascertain her claim. She seemed certain it was Funmi as she pointed straight at her once she sighted her, prompting her arrest.

According to police sources, the case was, Wednesday, charged to a special court after the medical test conducted on the child showed that her hymen had been broken.

Funmi however maintained her innocence.


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  3. Why do u guys just publish wtout confirming.
    There was no doctor that confirmed that the baby was violated bcos the mother did not allow any test on her baby. The mother of the baby wrote spoon in her statement bt u helped her changed it to fork. And I wonder where you got ur info that the baby pointed the lady. The mother only said that her baby told her that her teacher put a spoon in her bumbum.

  4. @jossy you must be a low life dumbass shit-eating paedophile! I’m sure you also indulge in child sextual abuse! May the sins of the woman who perpetrated this dastardly act also be on ur cork head. What does it matter weda its a spoon or fork? There is no child who wud go tru such a traumatic experience that wud not recognise or know wat happened! I guess the hell bound teacher didn’t count on the child’s memory, 4he deserves to be burned alive bcos that child wud neva eva recover frm that! I was sextually molested at age 5, today I am 30 but the memories still haunt me, if I see the man today I mit kill him. Why must som1 do this to a child??? Can you put ursef in the position of the parents or even that innocent child and think of the pain and sense of anguish ur heart will go tru! I weep for this world! A lot of people r definitely hell bound!