Guilt Ridden Robber Returns To Crime Scene, Apologizes, Then Arrested


An attempted robbery took place at a Winnipeg gas station just before 2am. But the crime is not what has everyone talking. Rather, it’s what happened after. Satnam Singh was working at the Esso gas station that night and told the Global News that the suspect approached the service window and said, “’I have a gun, whatever you have in your cash register give me all of the, all money.’” Knowing the doors were locked, Satnam fought back and pushed the burglar away, then shut the window and took cover. Once the bandit was gone, he called the police and they arrived within minutes.

However Satnam was unable to give police all of the suspects’ information saying, “He covered his license plate with a piece of cloth so nobody can see his license plate number.” The police were on the scene for 40 minutes when an interesting and very surprising turn of events took place. Satnam greeted who he thought was a customer, “Then I did the same thing. I said, ‘How are…’ Then I looked at his face. I think, ‘That’s the same guy.”

The suspect had returned to apparently out of guilt and the clerk was shocked when the man said, “’Actually I apologize. Sorry, I was in need of money that’s why I said you to give me money, I’m sorry.’” The suspect later identified as 44-year-old Larrie Davies, walked right past police officers wrapping up their investigation when he approached the window. Satnam told the CBC, “Police was leaving that time. They start their car when he came. And they were just moving slowly, and I said, ‘Please stop, stop sir!’”

The clerk told the officers that Davies had returned and they arrested him on the spot and charged him with robbery. The alleged robber’s return confounded Satnam who said, “He covered his license plate right? And then he came back. I don’t know why. It’s kind of odd.” Constable Eric Hofley of the Winnipeg Police Service agreed saying, “No, this does not happen very often…Remorse is one of the things that the justice system looks at and whether that would be the case in this instance or not, I’m not sure.” Davies had no prior robbery charges and is being held at the Remand Centre.