‘I Cannot Fold My Arms And Watch Amaechi Give Jonathan Conditions’ – Wike

Minister of State for Education Nyesom Wike yesterday blew hot over the Rivers State crisis, declaring that he won’t fold his arms and watch Governor Rotimi Amaechi rubbish President Goodluck Jonathan.


“The message is clear. This is a mass movement, because we want a change in Rivers State. I was a politician before I became a minister and I am still a politician. I cannot fold my arms and stay in Abuja and be doing ministerial work and somebody (Amaechi) is giving my boss conditions. I will not accept that”, he said.

He alleged that Amaechi, who is also the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), could no longer sleep as he (Wike) promised him, adding that the governor is restless.

Wike spoke yesterday at the Community Secondary School, Unyeada in Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State. It was at the inauguration of the Local council and Wards (11) Executive Committees of the Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI), of which is the grand patron.

Last night, Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, dismissed Wike’s outburst; saying: “I do not feel it is statemanly for Wike to state that Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Governor of Rivers State and the Chairman of the NGF, cannot sleep again.”

She added: “It shows people’s attitude to peace and security in Rivers state. It will be an unfortunate wish by anybody, for a state they call theirs, to give anybody sleepless night.”

Fully-armed soldiers and policemen provided security for Wike, who moved into and out of the ancient town in helicopter.

Source: The Nation


  1. Who are you Mr. Wike to determine when Amechi sleeps and when he keeps awake? your comments are just clear indication of your illiteracy and i am so ashamed of you. Amechi became your boss before jonathan and let me tell you, your are a common tool in the hand of that classless President. Who nominated you for Ministerial position in the first place? This same Amechi you are wishing sleepless night sent you to that same Abuja you are today. Recall that you were just a common tout ( Agboro) at the park who fortunately turned the LGA chairman of Obiakpo. Amechi just compensated your support for him during his fight with PDP and Governor Omehia by making you His chief of staff, a position you no nothing about. Mr. Wike, my advise to you is to engage your self with upgrading your academic level.
    You still talk like a common rascal, tout and pure illiterate, Go back to school and stop politicizing with transparent issues. Mr. Jonathan should leave Rivers state alone, Tell him to live Governor’s forum alone, also tell your so called bosses wife to return back to the kitchen where she belongs and stop meddling with national issues, no one elected her.
    Idiot, some one need to tell you your responsibilities, ordinary minister of state for education, you think you have arrived, this is the beginning of your stumbling and failure. Amechi was a speaker already while you were still looking for your bearing politically, so shut up your mouth when intelligent men are talking.
    You have no locus standee, so no Nigerian/ Rivers people should take you serious, ASSU has been on strike and you animal does not know the solution to proffer to the unending strike in Nigerian educational system, how can you solve Rivers problems?
    Just for clarity purpose, i am not speaking for Amechi, i have no relationship with him, i am just responding to your stupidity and to open your eyes to who you are, just in case you have forgotten so soon.
    Useless thing, what impact did you make in Obiakpo LGA not to talk about Rivers as a whole? What is the condition of road in ada judge Road where your house is and what have you done ever to those roads.
    You are so stupid and i am just so angry that i feel like having a one on one with you.
    AT this age i thought you would have out grown been an errand boy, but that is still who you are.
    All those animalistic comments will come back on your head FOOL.

    • Who is this kelechi. You re calling names n a fool to Nigeria minister. And u did not even stop there u refer to your president n d first lady. A positions u may not even obtain in ur entirely life. I ll have call u names but I don’t to that becos I want to u dt u know not what u are doing. U claims to be wise but u re not. U re just like ameachi who is a green snake in a green grass. Evil people. God ll expose ur evil deeds in jesus name

    • Who is this person kelechi. You re calling Nigeria Minister Names n a fool, u don’t even stop there u extend it your president n d first lady. Positions dt u may not even obtain in ur entirely life. U claims to be wise but u re not. I would have call u names but I want prove to u dt u know not what u re doing. U re just like Ameachi which evil n arrogant is his Food. U think we don’t know u guys evil people dt hide in d media as a green snake in a green grass. May God expose u n ur master in jesus name.




      s this person Kelechi

      • please your grammatical blunders are unbearable…you also need some education before you decide to defend your masters…anyway, they say “birds of identical plumage congregate together in the same proximity” which explains all.

  2. Why do you people address office holders this way? If there is a problem in d state or country in a true Democratic system attentions should be given to the masses to err and not impose ideas on Citizens. Before now I thought Gov CRA was better than his boss as he laid blames n made mockery of his tenure I also never knew that it was out of greed he acted that way. Every office holder should create free atmosphere for critics to strengthen up rather than all the nonsense we have suffer from Gov CRA in his tenure of office. The President is man a enough to accept critics and show you concrete prove to reality I think that’s what Rivers state Governor should do to prove his innocence than go for court injunction not to be questioned or impeached if he does wrong with our Money. God will vindicate us all from all these shits.