Ice Prince Says He’s In Good Terms With Baby Mama – Bimbo Babatunde and son, Jamal

When rapper Ice Prince first heard that he had a child with baby mama, Bimbo Babatunde, the rapper denied all claims.

But as the child grew older and Ice Prince more mature, the rapper finally claimed responsibility and faced the reality of being a father.

Ice Prince hardly talks about his son or baby mama but he recently broke his silence on how he relates with the pair.

When asked about on his son and how he manages to see him, he said; “I don’t get to chill with him all the time like I would have loved to but I try to make sure I’m there”

Ice Prince said he has a decent relationship with the mother of Jamal, “I speak to his mum a lot, I chat with her, I have her on my Whatsapp”


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