Lagos ‘Deports’ 46 Destitute To Osun


The government of Osun State, yesterday, said it received 46 additional destitute, including two children evacuated from Lagos State.

Special Adviser to Governor Rauf Aregbesola on Youths, Sports and Special Needs, Hon. Biyi Odunlade, while receiving the destitute at the National Youth Development Centre, Ode-Omu, yesterday, said that the state government had no option than to take care of its citizens in any part of the country.

Odunlade said out of the 46 destitute evacuated from Lagos, screening showed only 26 were genuine indigenes of the state.

According to him, about 150 destitute have been repatriated to the state from Lagos, Oyo and other places since the current administration came on board.

“We were invited by Lagos State to pick our brothers and sisters who were destitute and 46 persons were brought, out of which we discovered that just 26 of them are actually indigenes of the state, comprising of 19 males and five females with two children who are from different local governments in the state.

“It is our responsibility to take the matter up because Governor Aregbesola believes in quick and responsible action, and that is why the state government insisted that any time Lagos invited us for their evacuation, we respond on good time,” he said.


  1. Deporting Nigerians within Nigeria is going to cause crisis very soon. When every state starts doing same. Destitute or not, these are Nigerians with constitutional rights to live anywhere in the country. Fashola is a SAN and knows better than I do. But I dont think the constitution specifies the categories or economic status of those that have the right to live wherever they want. Being destitute is not a crime

  2. I wonder why this man is doing all this thing! We all are Nigerians, and have the right to live anywhere we like. But these things that Fashola is doing can’t help him at all. If all the states governor start doing it this way, are we ONE NIGERIA again? Don’t you think that Fashola is defying our constitution?

    • Chris don’t you know Lagos is our new Yoruba home,am sure anything can happen to Nigeria in forth coming election so everyone is trying to develop there side. this have been done since OBJ Government he left Abuja to sleep in Lagos all night and rehabilitate the old President villa in Lagos, we need to make this happen is a very sad story for Nigeria to be hawking and run after motors on the high ways. this never happen in foreign country we need to learn good think also in Cotonou you wont see something like hawking or see bike riders in highways at Cotonou there is way for bikes and 24 hours court judgement for any victims.
      i think those people you look like mad people are really caused problem for the state Lagos is our capital so they need to begin clean the city for now, igbo have been developing there state and Hausas, lets make Lagos our home am sure everyone will be fine with the policy and i want next government to turn this to Lagos constitution,in my opinion any other states citizen who commit crimes in Lagos should send back to there respective state or those who are in jail after complete there jail term they need to call the state government and handover them to there state respectively so those people who called Lagos a “NO MAN’S LAND” will understand that Lagos own by people of Yoruba and they will learn from the act.

  3. Destitute or whatever they are constitutes nuisance on the streets of lagos state. Whether unconstitutional or not I believe its the time for governors to create and also provide jobs for their citizens whom elected them in office,and stop blaming BRF.

  4. This is but a political move to make Igbos’ action over citizens deported to Anambra seem like some sort of Over-reaction. These two governors are stupid allies that think they can deceive the rest of the country. Animals!