Man Cuddles With Fox, Thinking It’s His Girlfriend


This guy really got some tail last night.

London man Leon Smith, 30, was sleeping when he felt someone nuzzling the back of his neck. He reached over to snuggle with who he thought was his girlfriend, only to discover a fox in his bed.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Smith said. “It was so calm, just staring at me.”

After a stressful few minutes, the fox ran off.

Gawker points out that the couple plans to keep this kind of furry encounter from happening again:

Although his girlfriend Sophie (who was at work at the time) found the whole thing fairly amusing, she said she wasn’t particularly interested in her snuggle rival making another impromptu booty call.

Geekosystem posits that Smith should feel lucky, not upset.

… who among us, if given the chance would pass up the chance to cuddle with a fox? You girlfriend will still be there tomorrow, Leon. Get your priorities in order, dude.