NANS Plans Massive Protest To End ASUU Strike


National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, plans to hold a nation-wide protest in a bid to force the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, to end the protracted strike of university lecturers.

Responding to allegations that the students’ body was not bothered by the 60-day-old strike, NANS President, Yinka Gbadebo, said the union had been employing other matured approaches to appeal to both the government and ASUU.

“NANS is not relaxed but we have decided to take approaches that don’t require us to make noise. We have been meeting with executive members of ASUU, the Nigerian Universities Commission, Minister of Education and the FG.

“We have also written to meet with the universities NEEDS Implementation Committee chairman and Governor of Benue State, Mr. Gabriel Suswan. If we don’t receive any response by the end of the week, we would issue an ultimatum and take it up from there.

“I have been consulting with all SUG leaders in the affected schools so that we would speak with one voice. Going to the streets would be our last option but we would do so to protest how long this strike has lingered,” Gbadebo said.


  1. it’s the time for them to starting raising the issues of mass protest by our so call NANS but am not blaming them because they have collecteds their own part of the money(bribe),but i will appreciate them if they can take it as an immediately event so that we nigeria’s students can knowns where we are going whether we will go and learn casaul work in other to progress in our life.The contentious of earning allowances between the FG and ASUU has shown us clearly that they are not concerned with our life at all,i wil urge all nigeria’s students to make up their mind in colaboration with NANS to come out for mass protest anytime any day to show FG and ASUU that students have their own rigth when come to bone of contention.Greatest Nigeira student!!!Greate.Accounting Student…..O.O.U.300L

  2. I can’t support dis mess, we hav been on strike 4 60days. Was it nt de same NANS dat was insulting ASUU? I can’t go and summit my life bc some cargos somewhere are belly full with bribe. Are u guys up 4 sacrifice? No be me, i no dey. We don’t hav strong NANS or es dis mess shud hav been ova.

  3. I fully support the idea that came out from ASUU & NANS, because any failure to meet up with the need of nigeria education will definately cause nigeria get pregrented of future worse strik. It is better to be lat than to be too lat.the cause of backward movement of nigeria is nothing else but selfishness from every sector in nigeria o ye leaders $ followers of nigeria lets repent & raise up the flag of presteous & glorieous of our LAND that has been loss. Looking forword to see better NIGERIA IN FUTURE.

  4. pls can someone help me interpret what this Babalola saheed olawale is writing. If a 300 level student in a nigerian university cannot construct one correct sentence, then it is worse than is perceived. Our govt. has crippled our education. They have made us laughing stock before our contemporaries who r more fortunate than us because they are either schooling abroad or in super expensive private varsities in this country. This is far beyond ASUU and their strike. This needs God.

  5. I don’t know we have such so call NANS president`and his cabinet we have been for strike for the past 8 weeks but nothing have been done by so call NANS•i can’t participet in the protest because even if we protest it wil not bring back the time that we have wasted back may fellow student let us have more patient please is only God that will revenge us•

  6. I can’t emerging what came up into the heart of our present leaders… I could remember (as we were told) our past political heroes (Nationalists) honour, and sacrifice for the best future of our present leaders (when the where in school), In fact! Some of them lost their ONLY precious life to make good things happen… So pls, what have we done wrong to deserve this inhuman attitude? destroying our future, our 4fathers land, making our heroes labour going in vein?
    Our dear present political leaders and ASSU too! We (Nigerians student) and NOT happy with you… Do not destroyed our only lovely Nation, Do not make our dear Nation ungovernable. emerging what is happening in Egypt! We don’t want it here and we are not praying for it in our precious land… But if U force us to… So is Ok then, what ASSU is asking is not far away from what you people promise to us during ur campaign… FG pls help our education sector….PLS ASSU and NANs help matters

  7. frends u all dnt need 2 preach ur life out 2 ds so calld FG nd d president cos we dnt av dem. Our education hv bin crippled,our nation is in a state of coma,chaos everywhere,i gues its tym 4 we 2 start great intercessary programme 4 d our nation cos we nid God nw.tink of ur psychomotor skills it wll help nd 4get FG nd ASUU

  8. Gr8 nigerian student! Gr8 MOUAU student! Is vry painful dat tinz turn out to b worst. Our govt hav fail, leader failed, corruption evry where.. Selfish leaders… As for NANS wher wer u ppl since d 60day old strike busy fighting each other bcos of d shared moni… Now u ppl want to send d innocent student out for protest abi, u ppl ll eat una flesh nd drink una blood…. Wicked pp…..

  9. av been going 2ru this thread,and believe me,i have lost speech as a result of some comments exuding from the bellies of some so called students.we realy need an overhaul even in ous lives.babani,u ar a disgrace in writing

  10. Dear NANS, pls as we prepare for the riot or protest do not forget to inform both ASUU and FG that if any one student die in the hands of police or army as a result of the protest that two menbers of ASUU and two Menbers of Govt agencies will go down equally.

  11. Dear NANS, pls as we prepare for the riot or protest do not forget to inform both ASUU and FG that if any one student die in the hands of police or army as a result of the protest that two members of ASUU and two Members of Govt agencies will go down equally.

  12. I think de FG is not even concern abt we de students, dis is due 2 de non payment of lecturer’s salaries on de basis of no work no pay by GEJ. In view of de above, i can see de FG is not ready or beta still, wiling 2 resolve dis issue. De question now is, where can we run 2? Oh our GOD we pray dat, may u intervane in dis mata, pls God hear de prayers of we ur poor children and touch deir hats 4 de issue 2 be resolved amicably. God u are all our hopes.

  13. What can we do than to call unto the most high to quickly intervene to the issue cos the way things are going doesn’t seems that the govt will back-off from his strong-head attitude. But i seeks the intervention of God to make this ongoing strike a thing of the past in time. Lord, your consent and intervention we seek. Help us.