Oshiomhole Has Been Amazing – Omobude

Reverend Felix Omobude, President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria has praised the administration of Edo State governor, Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

adams_oshiomhole_455297545He said the governoe has repositioned Edo state to the forefront after many years of neglect by past administrations and from the onset it was clear that Oshiomhole had a positive vision for the state.

He said: “You left no one in doubt that you mean well for Edo State. I’m very thankful to God and proud that once again Edo State has come to the forefront.

“While we commend your efforts so far, we know that there are many things to be done; many miles to be crossed.

“We want to assure you of our prayers; we stand with you and by you to move our state forward. I thank you for making yourself available for the giant strides your administration is making.”

He noted that Governor Oshiomhole had a respected voice locally and nationally and should, therefore, continue to speak up on ways to move the country forward.

Governor Oshiomhole’s reaction In his remarks, Governor Oshiomhole commended Omobude for his role in pioneering technical education in the rural communities.

He said: “I congratulate you on your well-deserved victory as president of PFN. I know that the Pentecostal Fellowship won’t have been in a better hand at this time and considering the visibility of the immediate predecessor across the country.

“We appreciate your outstanding contribution to education, especially technical education, as represented by the Lighthouse Polytechnic, where you are investing huge resources in a rural community.

“I emphasise rural community, because the challenge of rebuilding a new Nigeria needs development and to achieve even development and keep our rural people where they are and reverse urban-rural migration, we must bring development to rural areas, not by sermon. That is what your pioneering effort in this regard has demonstrated.”