PDP’s Nigeria’s Biggest Problem, Says el-Rufai

El-RufaiFormer minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and current deputy national secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Malam Nasir el-Rufai and former speaker of the House of Representatives and current deputy national chairman (North) of APC, Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari, have launched a two-pronged attack on the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

While el-Rufai slammed the PDP for giving Nigerians the worst administration in the history of the country, Masari berated the president for failing to deliver on security, power and other social amenities to Nigerians.

The opposition leaders spoke in Kaduna at the distribution of 15 (406) vehicles, 350 motorcycles and 80 freezers by Senator Mohammed Sani Saleh (APC), who represents Kaduna Central Senatorial district at the National Assembly.

According to el-Rufai, who came to national reckoning as a minister under a PDP-led administration, “We want credible election so that we kick out those who have been embezzling our public funds and destroying our institutions. It is mostly a PDP issue because it controls about 24 states in Nigeria and the kind of leadership that it provides is an example for everyone.

“PDP is the biggest problem; the major problem of Nigeria is the toxic party called the PDP.  The fact that one is in PDP does not mean that when you recognise that PDP has gone toxic you should not leave; you cannot compare General Muhammadu Buhari with anyone in the PDP.

Also Masari said: “PDP is only afraid of the emergence of APC; they are aware of the strength of the party and certainly, APC is an alternative to PDP. APC will form the next state and national governments in 2015.”


  1. El-rufai and masari ,you and ur cohorts in apc destroyed this country when you were in govt. Pdp at the centre is trying to correct those ills only for ur opposition states to come out with B/ Haram. We are tired of ur lies.

    • Izang Bulus,you are wrong you know;
      If u say El-rufai is among those that put this country to where it is today,I will slightly agree with you but,to say that this present administration is correcting any ills is a blantant lie.What difference has Jonathan led PDP govt has made in your life and of this Nation as a whole in the last two years?Don’t be gullible into believing that PDP at the centre is doing anything,open your eyes very well.Let your arguments be objective and stop being myopic in your submissions.

  2. Console urselves all u want but Nigerians do not give attentio to el rufai o.He doent mean what he is saying.I know when he is serious but on this matter of PDP,APC and Buhari,forget him.
    He needs to support buhari this much to be able to earn his trust and inturn use buhari to secure APC ticket to contest election in his state cheaply.El rufai & his cohorts are aware that buhari is the cheapest opposition for PDP and of no good for the unity of Nig.But for selfish reasons wld not tell Buhari the truth instead clap him to failure but secure themselves.
    El rufai!Go and sleep you dont have Nig.interest @ heart any better than Goodluck.Neither does APC than PDP.
    Personally,Buhari is not a match for Goodluck considering the stability and unity of the nation.

  3. El rufai is trying to play d saint now. Though it is said that we Nigerians are quick to forgetting issues, so you think we have forgotten all ur wuru wuru activities. You served under a corrupt PDP abi? yet common sense did not remind you Mallam Saint to RESIGN, but u continued until u lost favor. To have dined and danced with THIEVES makes you a THIEF TOO!


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