PHOTO: The Worst Road In The World In Russia


Looking like it has been subjected to an aerial bombardment or major earth tremor this stretch of road has been branded the most dangerous in Russia.

While motorists and cyclists in the UK may complain about the state of the nation’s highways and byways, spare a thought for those road-users in the area of Yaroslavl, located some 160 miles north east of Moscow.

It is known locally as the Olympic road, having been built more than 30 years ago for the 1980 Summer Games, hosted by the then Soviet Union.

But its current crater-strewn, lunar-like appearance gives no indication of its former glory.

The footage of the dilapidated highway was captured by Russian bloggers, who have challenged internet users to come up with worse examples.

Rather than the scene of destruction being the result of military target practice, the extensive damage has been blamed on spring floods.

Local authorities have said they are working to rebuild the road.

Vladimir Goncharov, head of Rostov District of the Yaroslavl area, said: “This spring, floods were really heavy and this road, as well as many others was severely damaged. We’ve repaired a number of them, though some still are under construction.”


  1. So terrible, I will rather walk pass the road than to use a vehicle, because it can course my stomach to tremble. I think we have better roads than this, though it does not give our government the impetus to neglect them sha !!!