Return Of The Cabal: Taraba Assembly Speaker’s Passionate Plea To Suntai

SuntaThe Speaker, Taraba House of Assembly, Mr Haruna Tsokwa, says, Alhaji Garba Umar, remains the Acting Governor until ailing Gov. Danbaba Suntai, is able to come out and address the assembly.

Tsokwa, who addressed a press conference in Jalingo on Tuesday, said that the house was thankful to God that Suntai had returned to the state.

He said that the leadership of the house was not allowed access to governor since he returned on Aug. 24 and he had not been seen in public.

The speaker expressed worry that “a cabal” was working relentlessly to cause confusion in the state in order to hijack the state politically.

Tsokwa described the group orchestrating and replicating the Yar’Adua saga as `desperate and selfish politicians’ that had no interest of Taraba at heart.

“As elected representatives of our people, we will be failing in our duty to the electorate and to God Almighty if we allow this development to continue. Our request is very simple.

“We want our dear governor to resist the temptation of those who want to use him to achieve their selfish interest and come out and address the people of dear state through their elected representatives.

“If on the other hand the governor is not fit to address the people, then it means that the governor is not fit to run the affairs of the state and the house will have no hesitation in granting him leave to go back for further treatment.

“In making this request, we have no other motive than love of our dear state as well as the well-being of our dear governor and the happiness of family.

“We are firmed that Taraba belongs to all, irrespective of their rigorous affiliation, and therefore call on our people to demonstrate for the state and live in peace with one another,’’ (NAN)


  1. Those behind the plot of returning the ailling governor and force him to abandoned his medication are the true enemies of sontai’s family,taraba state,nigeria and democracy.The Health of a Human being is better than wealth or position.
    With Health,a man can achieve his goals and his dreams,But without health,wealth,position,dreams are nothing.

  2. Suntai is showin greed in d affairs of d state. Hw can somebody who is unfit b battlin 2 lead by all means? If it were d race 2heaven u’l not find him strugglin like dis 2b part, wat a shame.
    If God says u’l not rule u can’t change it bt delay it.