Rivers PDP Expels Amaechi’s Commissioners, Loyalists From Party

Amaechi and PDPAnother battle line has been drawn between the Rivers State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Rivers Government over the expulsion of 18 members of the party for failing without just cause, to appear before the performance evaluation committee (PEC) of the party.

Information Nigeria reports that the affected members are either political appointees of Governor Rotimi Amaechi or party leaders loyal to him.

The expulsion was announced by factional chairman of PDP, Chief Felix Obuah while addressing journalists at the Aba Road State Secretariat of the party on Monday.

Those who were shown the exit door from the PDP according to Mr. Obuah include: Mr George Feyii  (Secretary to Government);  Sir Tony Okocha (Chief of Staff); Dr Sam Jaja (ex Deputy National Chairman PDP); Mrs Aleruchi Cookey-Gam (Administrator, GPHCDA);  Chief Victor Giadom (Commissioner for Works); Augustine D. Wokocha (Hon. Commissioner for Power)  Worgu Bom Esq. (Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice)  Joe P. Poroma (Commissioner for Social Welfare & Rehabilitation); Ezemonye Ezekiel Amadi (Commissioner for Lands & Survey); Fred Igwe (Commissioner for Sports);  Hon Emmanuel Chinda (Commissioner for Agriculture); Mrs Joeba West (Commissioner for Women Affairs); Patricia Simon Hart (Commissioner for Water Resources and Rural Development); Okey Amadi (Commissioner for Energy); Charles Okaye (Commissioner for Chieftaincy Affairs); Nnabuihe N. Imegwu (Commissioner for Culture & Tourism); Ibim Semenitari (Commissioner for Information & Communication) and Mr Samuel Eyiba (Commissioner for Local Government).

The party chairman justified the party’s action, saying it was based on the recommendation of the disciplinary and the performance evaluation committee which had to wield the big stick on the affected members for not only shunning its invitation but also not considering it worthwhile to excuse themselves or send in written reports of their stewardships despite the well publicized sitting arrangements of the committee.

Their deliberate refusal to appear before the PEC, Mr. Obuah said, is an affront, insubordination and lack of respect for constituted authority.

“We had no choice but to show them the way out of the party because we cannot continue to operate in this disorderly manner being a serious and disciplined political party”, the chairman remarked.

On those members who did not appear before the committee but escaped party sanction, Mr. Obuah explained that they were able to communicate both the party leadership as well as the committee on their unavoidable absence, but most importantly, he said they sent in a documentation of their performances which the committee accepted as satisfactorily.


  • I ve no option bt 2 support Hon. Patrick dat ‘nigerian is witnesn neida civiln rule nor democracy’ hw wl a party chairman jzt expell 18membaz wt due consoltatnz 4rm above? If political leadaz cannt maintain d polity of dmocracy n rcognze d ethics n ethos of game, den we r decivn ourself. Can sombdy tell me, hu is d traitor n dictator now. Mr Felix Abuah rmemba dat ur tym elapse n d mazta wl b waitn @ d top…

  • Every one seem so ashamed of what Rivers State Govt are doing with PDP. If all those loyal to the Governor have decided not to be part of the PDP led rules and regulation they shud public denounce their membership than trying to seek reasons for not being part of the party or obeying it either.. And this issue of regarding Bro Felix Obuah as a factional Chairman is very wrong because their is no other Chairman of PDP in the state according to the same constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. He should be accorded that respect due to him. If I was Bro Felix I will sue any one regarding me as a factional Chairman. The word is enough for the wise Rivers people should be allowed to speak out to the Govt of the state to put all these troubles to an end for its not of our benefits.

  • is ds party nt heading 2wards a total destruction?is ds a party dat claims dey re bound 2rule nigeria 4 60yrs&yet all we can see is crises hr&dr just widin d party,pls nig wr re d measures which dey claim dey uses in settling dr crises,d same measures dat has led 2d ploughing out of 18 commissioners just widin a state.d music dat pops in2 1nc ear evynow&den is 2015 election& without a specific achievement,is ds a party dat sees drselfs wit no threat? a party wit d largest memb in africa yet a disgrace 2 d face of d world. i say& i qoute”pdp is prone 2 destruction”.kudos 2 apc &2 God at large bcus we nw av 2 majour party system &in light of ds we shall see a new nig& wit a thorough opposition 2 eachother…no more autocratic rulings

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