Strokes For Nonso Diobi Over Blonde Hair


Being a celebrity comes with a price which is, your business is everybody’s business, even if it is your haircut.

I guess Nonso Diobi did not have that in mind when he dyed his hair to become a blonde. Some female folks like Tonto Dike, Nadia Buhari, Rukky Sanda had done that and got away with it, probably because they are women, but fans did not find a blonde Nonso Diobi funny even though Tony Tetuila is blonde till date.

Fans on various blogs spared no word as they aired their opinion  on his new look. A fan said, “He looks lyk an igbotic fag.. Horrible hair nd whr on earth did he get a dress frm? Tufiaaaa!” another felt he looked rascally saying, “American Agbero”

While some believed he was seeing too much of Chris Brown, others believed that he was a Sisquo wannabe.

“He looks like puke.this look is soooo old school,am sure he recently watched sisqo’s song and decided to have same look. Annoying sisqo wannabe; Hot mess..Chris Brown wanna be! Even u Nonso, I think u ve seen 2 much of Chris Brown’s video,” they said.