Turaki Releases Video Of Meeting With Boko Haram Shura Council


The Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of the security Challenge in the North yesterday displayed video recording of Shura members of the Boko Haram sect where they called on their field commanders to ceasefire as being proposed by the government, saying that prophet Mohammed sanctions dialogue during Jihad.

The video recording, according to the chairman of the Committee, Barrister Turaki Tanimu, was recorded two weeks ago in the detention facilities in Bauchi where the sect members whom he said, belonged to the highest decision making body of the Boko Haram sect before their arrest by security forces in various locations across the country are being held.

Flanked by some members of the committee while speaking on the development, Barrister Tanimu said, the video clip is a recording of some members of the Jama’atul Ahli Sunnat Nida’atul Waljihad, (Boko Haram), ‘who sat down in Shura, the highest decision-making body and analyzed from purely Islamic perspective, taking into account the clear and unambiguous provisions of the Holy Qura’an and taking also into account the teachings and fundamentally the practices of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on the issue of dialogue and peaceful reconciliation; strengthening submissions again with the works of other Islamic scholars globally who have had cause in their life times to also make research and came out with a lot of literature supporting the cause on dialogue and stating the parameters and conditions under which dialogue can take place.’

The chairman said the committee was still making efforts towards meeting another set of senior leaders of the group, and a splinter group, Ansaru, but he said he could not get confirmation from the military operatives in Borno state on the death of the Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau.

Turaki admitted that there is no clear link between the Shura committee in the new video and the second-in-command with whom government reportedly secured an earlier peace deal, or with Shekau who is yet to be personally reached, and now believed dead.

In the Video which was shown to Journalists, five members of the Shura committee of the sect who spoke in Hausa and Arabic enjoined their colleagues ‘on the field’ to embrace the dialogue being proposed by government as both prophet Mohammed and other Islamic scholars are in support of dialogue with infidels.


    • @Bernji people like you do not wish for peace in the country particularly in the North, but unfortunately peace will return to the country & the fight you so much crave for will reside in your heart & that of your own family

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