2015: Jonathan Must Win Re-Election, Or Else… – Dokubo-Asari

asari_dokubo_n_presidentA former militant and leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, on Sunday warned that 2015 will be a ‘total battle’ just as he predicted that President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election is already a settled matter because his Niger Delta compatriots would not succumb to any force opposed to its full actualization.

“There would be blood in the streets if Mr. Jonathan is not reelected president in the 2015 election,” the militant leader threatened.

Speaking on a Channels Television programme, Politics Today, Dokubo-Asari, who said the battle to get Mr. Jonathan in office for a second term cannot be fought from the outside, said he would register as a full member of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

“The way things are going, there is no sitting on the fence in the battle before us,” Mr. Asari-Dokubo said. “When some people say they have a right to rule and others don’t have, then there is no sitting on the fence. All of us will have to be in the ring and fight. We cannot leave Goodluck (Jonathan) alone.

“My support for Jonathan will be biased, because charity begins at home. Monkey no fine, but im mama like am. Goodluck, na my person. 2015 is already a settled matter. Goodluck Jonathan would be President in 2015.

“Whether they contest or they don’t. If they say the blood of the dogs and the baboons will be soaked in the streets, or salt water in the streets, we will help them in blood in the streets.”

Mr. Asari-Dokubo, who claimed he was a card-carrying member and major financier of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) until December 27, 2010, said he would be joining the PDP not to contest for an elective position but to help actualize Mr. Jonathan’s reelection bid.

“I will declare for the PDP. We will fight, because in this battle, there is no retreat, no surrender. We will not take any prisoner of war. It will be total battle,” he said.

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  1. As much as I’d want Mr Jonathan to remain president beyond 2015 is d much I ‘d want him 2do d right tns. He should be mo authoritative in d formulation&implication/execution of necessary policies dt engender economic growth &spread and in dealing with economic saboteurs of d modern Nigeria. I implore him to be mo decisive, mo focused &mo godly. God bless d president!