2015: Northerners’ll Dump APC If A Less Popular Candidate Than Buhari Is Picked, Says Associate

muhammadu-buhariAs the All Progressives Congress (APC) appears to cross one hurdle, another springs up revealing all is not entirely well with the biggest opposition political party in the country as a close associate of a prominent figure of the opposition movement, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) in Kano State, Alhaji Abdulmajid Danbiliki Kwamanda has accused disgruntled elements in the APC of scheming to thwart the presidential ambition of the former military head of state.

Speaking in a telephone interview yesterday, Kwamanda said members of the group were hiding under the guise of promoting the candidature of a younger politician from the North for the 2015 presidential elections to actualize their plot.

“We are aware of the plot to push out General Buhari in the race for presidential ticket of APC. They are trying to actualize their plot using the guise of the need for a youthful presidential candidate. They want to pick a young person in the North as the presidential candidate in the North come 2015,” he said.

According to him, the popularity of APC in the North was as a result of the credibility and popularity of General Buhari.

“We will resist any attempt to stop General Buhari from getting the ticket of APC come 2015. They should not force any candidate on us. Instead, all aspirants including General Buhari should be allowed to slug it out in a primary. Anybody that win it should be given the ticket of the party, but what they are planning now to impose a candidate on us won’t work at all,” he said.

He reiterated General Buhari’s preparedness to vie for the party’s presidential ticket in a primary against other interested aspirants.

“Though we all know that General Buhari is the most credible and popular candidate that can tackle the PDP at the poll, he is ready to support anybody that wins a transparent primary. But we will not support this ongoing plot to edge him out of the race,” he added.

Kwamanda, while warning the leadership of APC to beware of what he called PDP agents in their party, said northerners will dump the party should a less popular candidate be picked as the presidential candidate of the party come 2015.

“General Buhari is APC in the North just as [Bola] Tinubu is in the South-West. Northerners are in the party because of General Buhari and this is why we will resist any attempt to frustrate his ambition,” Kwamanda said.



  1. APC!!!! I laugh, I always knew the party will fall, because it wasn’t built on reason, sincerity, truth, sacrifice and selflessness, but on personal ambitions, greed, hypocrisy, selfishness, sentiments and hate. Every house built on a faulty foundation will surely collapse. For those thinking that APC will be a formidable opposition come 2015, they should wake up from their slumber because APC was already dead on arrival

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