8,000 Women Protest Over Scarcity Of Husbands (LOOK)


No fewer than 8,000 women on Thursday [Sept. 26] matched to the Zamfara Hisbah Commission, seeking the state government’s assistance to enable them to get married.

Led by the Chairperson of the Zamfara Widows Association, Hajiya Suwaiba Isa, and the patron, Alhaji Sa’idu Goshe, the women said they were not living a normal life and needed husbands to become whole.

“Many of us cannot afford two meals in a day because there are no men to support us,” they said.

The patron said the association had over 8,000 women, comprising 5,380 divorcees, 2,200 widows, 1,200 orphans and 80 others, whom he said, were looking for men to marry.

He said the women also needed assistance to purchase household items such as beds,mattresses and other basic necessities needed to move to their husbands’ houses.

Goshe appealed to the commission to assist the association in screening suitors for the women. He said the screening would determine the suitors’ health status, source of livelihood and ability to maintain a family.


  1. may almighty god blessed u with a husbands that will take care of u as prescribe by islam .also my advice to u womens u should respect and follow d desire of your husband if is not prohibited in islam i e does not violate d rule of islam and also u have to extremely exercise patience.

  2. Reading about them I feel sorry for this country!I think they have just exposed the shame and ignorance in some culture that a woman should depend on a man to survive!This is the evil in some wrong religious views that has deprived the girl-child of education and encouraged marriage at early teens.We are heeding for doom in this country if this parasitic mentality is not corrected

  3. It is more responsible to get married but in more proper way. And husband is scarse bcos most ladies are looking 4 rich dude who they dont even know hw he made his money. I feel implementatn of social security to help widows and divorcee will help

  4. that’s is the outcome of their unsociable way of life…..their young men av been incapacitated and amputated thru sharia….old men wil marry little girls and throw them out few yrs latter after giving them vvf…their religion reffers 2 wester education as haram. What a miserable way of living!

  5. i tink govnmt has work to do with dis, let govnmt brings dis pple 2 lagos free of charge, when dey came 2 lagos i tink dey can find one or two tin 2 do, they wil even get married 2 some1 here…. Am very sure

  6. I know of a person that can give husband to u all bt i dont knw if your bride and ignorance of Him will allow u come to Him or accept Him..i am sure of this ,that not until i come to this person u will continue to have pronlems like this that look or seem rather bizzare….the person is JESUS ,receive Him today and he shal provide husbands for you all..leave all ur evil ways of killing innocent pple in the name of a confused man,Mohammed, dat brought a deity,allah,dats not the real God…in Jesus alone u wud find the real God…who has bewitched these muslims???

  7. You can see that living in this Country is survival of the fittest. The Governments don’t have any concrete plan for any thing. The men who could have provided the much needed husbands are un employed and can not even cater for themselves. The government should advertise a promotion if they will be prepared to at least support any man who come forward and take a wife from the lot with at least #150,000.00. For more wives, more money to enable them start some thing with it to sustain themselves. This will amount to #1.2 billion. It is not too much a sacrifice, if the Government spend it to rehabilitate, in this case, 1.6 million people or (less as some may go for more than a wife), who are potential threat to public peace of the State. The Government should investigate and confirm the genuineness of the claim and act fast. Their situation portends danger. Thank God that they made their conditions public. A desperate person is a dangerous person.

  8. lol,,the search for husband, muslims are very much around, atleast dey know how to marry ladies whom u don’t know how dey luk like, wit all d black coverings from eye to feet. loool, trash, beta go luk for wat u will do wit ur lives and advice ur parents to stop arranging all this child marriages for u guys.

  9. Dnt mind dem dey are not serious hw many Single men are hia in Zamfara and Sokoto looking 4wife to marry but dis women are looking 4 rich ppl dat will marry dem. but if wat dey say is true we are all single and ready to marry