Adolf Hitler’s Bodyguard Rochus Misch Dies

Rochus Misch
Rochus Misch

Rochus Misch, who served as Adolf Hitler’s devoted bodyguard for most of World War II and was the last remaining witness to the Nazi leader’s final hours in his Berlin bunker, has died. He was 96.

Burkhard Nachtigall, who helped Misch ghostwrite his 2008 memoir, said on Friday that Misch died on Thursday in Berlin after a short illness.

Misch remained proud to the end about his years with Hitler, whom he affectionately called “boss”.

In a 2005 interview, Misch recalled Hitler as “a very normal man” and gave a riveting account of the German dictator’s last days before he and his wife Eva Braun killed themselves in their bunker in Berlin.

Misch said, “he was no brute. He was no monster. He was no superman.”

Known as one of the most evil people in history, Adolf Hitler was responsible for World War II and the Holocaust.

Misch served as a courier, bodyguard and telephone operator for Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler from 1940 to 1945.