Alien Creature Found In South Africa

Local residents in South Africa’s Plettenberg Bay were left stunned and puzzled by a dried-up long and twisted body with a thin torso found in the Eastern Cape. The strange-looking creature that appeared to be a body of an alien creature lying in the grass was discovered by a national park ranger, Llewellyn Dixon.

The mystifying discovery started a rife speculations of alien visitors until the mystery was solved by a local veterinarian. Dr Magdalena Braum of The Crags Veterinary clinic carried out an autopsy, identified the body and confirmed that it was a baby baboon killed by a bite to the head.

Alien creature found in South Africa

Unfortunately, the reason behind the misshapen dried body is because it was dragged around by the mother for three to four weeks by their tail section before finally discarded.

Alien creature south africa
Alien Mystery in South Africa
Photos by: Llewellyn Dixon

Inspite of the findings, some people still don’t believe it is a baboon. Many residents “still wonder” and believe that the creature is of something else. They say that the teeth did not seem like a baboon. While the head was slack, the legs were still very rigid.

By the looks of it in the photos, I find it really creepy and monstrous-like. If I happen to live in this neighbourhood I might get paranoid walking around or I might not get my foot strolling the park. I find this creature too scary. =/
alien Mystery in South Africa