Jonathan Administration The Best Thing To Have Ever Happened To Nigerian Roads, Says Works Minister


The Minister of Works, Mike Onolememen has described President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration as the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria’s road sector in the past 20 years and cited instances to back up his claim.

Briefing State House correspondents after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting yesterday in Abuja, which was chaired by Vice-President Namadi Sambo, Mr. Onolememen disclosed that government was planning more roads to ease traffic flow into and out of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

He said the government was looking at the creation of bypasses to link the FCT with neighbouring states.

“Essentially, we are going to have ring roads, like semi circular ring roads that will act as a collector road and move people away from these expressways to different points in the Federal Capital (Territory) city.”

According to him, the road sector under the two years of President Jonathan’s administration has had the best of attention.

He said the road sector had never had it so good in the past 20 years than what the nation was witnessing since the advent of the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

“In two years, we have recorded a massive rehabilitation of arterial roads across the country, a number of abandoned projects were revived and many of them have been completed.

“A point in case is the Onitsha-Owerri expressway.

“That is why, when you move to the South East of Nigeria today, all the erosion ravaged city scrapes that you are used to seeing are no more there. We have completely recovered all that.

“Not only there, in fact the intractable problem we used to have along the Ore Ofosu road, on Benin Ore road (that) have been tackled, the Vom-Manchok road in Plateau has been completed, the section one of the Gombe-Numan road has been completed, Uba-Umbala road in Borno state has been completed, quite a number of road alignments across the country have been completed these past two years,” the minister told State House correspondents.



  1. Before Jonathan, the road from Lagos to Ibadan, is one the busiest road in Nigeria, Lagos-Ore-Benin Road. This are the Promise of Jonathan. The road has been re-awarded more than three times to two companies, yet nothing has been done. Is this a way of dividing the country or tribalism towards some area. No single federal construction in the west. Jonathan believed that Northerners, south-south,and the East are enough to win the second term. Sometimes those who mold you can as well break you. Comparing Yar’adua and Jonathan, Yar’adua is more better. We dig ourself into this Mr. Luck. But sometimes luck do run out. THE HIGHEST CORRUPTIONS IN THE HISTORY OF NIGERIA, NO ELECTRICITY, BAD ROADS THAT NEEDS TO BE PUT IN ORDER AND YET YOU WANT TO CONSTRUCT RING ROAD AT ABUJA. PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES EVERYDAY ON FEDERAL ROADS DUE TO BAD GOVERNANCE. JONATHAN USES HELICOPTER TO GO AROUND IN THE WEST BECAUSE OF BAD FEDERAL ROAD.THREE MAJOR THINGS THAT NIGERIA NEED FROM JONATHAN THAT HAS NOT BEEN MET WERE 1.GOOD ROADS TO CONNECT CITIES, 2. ELECTRICITY, 3 DEALING WITH CORRUPTIONS.

  2. Mr work minister, u said it. we can see it. but we still need more of it .as u have said that mr presy was one of the best if not the best . it was true but in time of dealing with corrupt politicians his mark was zero. because someone who will deal with corrupt people must be clean. look at how much they are spending in fueling Goodluck generator. that is why they cannot let our electricity be time of corruption all of u are d same.if our Good luck can take care of corruption and work on electricity before 2015 i will accept u ,keep it up people are seeing ur good works.