Man On Cocaine Told Police He Had To Smash Windshield To Escape Gators Surrounding His Car



It would have been bad enough for a Florida man high on cocaine to be locked out of his car. But matters got even worse when the car was surrounded by alligators.

A 28-year-old Hobe Sound man took the most logical course of action he could think of: He smashed through his windshield. According to a Martin County Sheriff’s Office report, an officer arrived on the scene after a fire rescue team treated the man for cuts.

The officer described seeing “sandy footprints” on the hood and roof of the car and a gaping hole in the windshield. The man allegedly told the officer he jumped through his windsheild to get inside his car because the insurance would replace the windshield for free, and he had to escape the “large gators” that were milling around nearby.

According to the report, the man “said he was afraid of the gators and he had shot up a lot of cocaine today, and now he was not feeling well.”

The officer also found a bottle of pills next to the man, containing both oxycodone and methadone, pain killers. The bottle had the man’s name on it, according to TCPalm.

The man was certainly less brave than this troupe who recently broke a world recordwhen they nabbed a 723 pound alligator.

The man’s car was towed and his pills taken as evidence. He was then taken to the hospital. It is unclear if he faces any charges.

He wasn’t as unlucky as Ryan Blair, who was trapped on an island for two weeks because a crocodile refused to let him leave. Maybe it just wanted a friend.