(Photo) 14 Year Old Girl Gives Birth To Triplets

A teenager has given birth to triplets in Bungoma County, Daily Nation has reported.

Fourteen-year-old Mwanaharabu Wamukoya of Harambee village in Kakamega County, Kenya was admitted to Bungoma District Hospital on Saturday evening and had a Caesarean Section on Sunday to deliver the three baby boys.

Two of the new-borns weighed 1.5 kilogrammes while the third one weighed 1.3 kilogrammes.

Nursing officer-in-charge Mary Marumbu said the babies and their mother were in stable condition and ready to be discharged.
The father of the babies, a 16-year-old boy, is said to have taken off on learning that the girl had given birth to triplets. The teen is also a school dropout and does menial jobs. The arrival of thetriplets is said to have distressed him.
“He has no ability to take care of the babies even if he was here. We are grateful to the government for scrapping off maternity fees because I will be free to go home once discharged. I would have been detained here if I had been asked to pay,” the teenage mother said.

Health practitioners in the country have expressed concern over the increasing rates of teenage pregnancies.


  1. o my God this is semtember babies fruitful month.but teens dont try these God is merciful nd also aconsuming fire,why cos both d boy nd the girl 16yr are physically, maritaly,financially,spiritually masured.to take care of the children even the rich men nd women of our present countries are scared of much children so no be to carry d preg but to make sure the childrn are propaly taken care of even the mother need proper balance diet to be able to breast feed them,but I pray God who giv will definitely supply Amen

  2. What a marvelous thing that the Lord has done in the life of this poor girl. I wish the mother and the children the very best of Luck as they struggle to to fit. May God bring back the father of this children and provide him with a meaningful source of income to take good care of them. Amen.