Rock City FM Fines Its OAP For Wishing RuggedMan Happy Birthday

When I came across this report, I was shocked as hell. This event took place yesterday, an OAP of Rockcity 101.9 FM Abeokuta Edward Fortune aka Fawtchune Toh Badt was on the afternoon shift between 4 – 4.30pm; that same day happened to be rapper, Ruggedman’s birthday, so the OAP took the liberty to wish Ruggedman a very happy birthday. Apparently, this didn’t go down well with the Rock City FM boss. The Rock City FM boss stated that the congratulatory message was an advert and hence must be paid for. Nobody really knows if Ruggedman and the Rock City FM management have has some unresolved issues because I don’t see anything wrong in wishing someone happy birthday on air. The OAP, Mr. Fortune said “Happy Birthday to Rugged Man” and he was surprisingly fined 40,000 Naira. Rock City FM, 101.9FM is in located in Abeokuta – Ogun state. See tweets below: