Tips To Choosing Sunglasses That Match Your Face Shapes


Choosing sunglasses can be quite a daunting task. But, the science behind buying and sporting the right one is relatively easier than expected. To begin with, you should know your face shape so as not to end up buying an absolute misfit. Consider this as a hands-on guide on picking the right sunglasses best suited for your face shape.

1. Diamond Face
One of the rarest face shapes to find is the diamond. Your face typically has dramatic broad and high cheekbones.

Best Frames: Cat-shaped glasses are the safest choice to make because they will highlight your fuller cheeks and your brow line. You can bet on curvaceoussquare sunglasses as well.

Frames not for you: It will be a crime in the eyes offashion police if you wear narrow frames, which enhance your eye line.

2. Oblong Face
Your oblong face characteristically is longer than it is wide and you have a long nose and tall forehead and high cheekbones.

Best Frames: Play down the length of your face and make it look oval by going for shorter deep frames that cover the center of your face. Square glasses with blunt edges and embellishments can help add width to your face and take load off your longish chin.

Frames not for you: It is a crime to own rectangular and smaller frames because these divide your alreadylong face and make it awkward to the eye.

3.Square Face
A face as yours has a broad forehead, defined/strong jawline and square chin.

Best Frames: To soften the angular face yours, choose round frames or oval frames with slightly curving corners. You can easily sport butterfly frames that are over-sized, ultimately glam, we say!

Frames not for you: Please dump the glasses that are angular and squarish as these will highlight your already angular square face.

4. Heart Face
You have a heart face if you have a wider forehead and narrow/compact jaw line and chin and high cheekbones.

Best Frames: Go for round edged sunglasses that accentuate your face shape the best and add width to the lower part of your face. Also, a rectangular frame can soften your pointed chin.

Frames not for you: Better you keep away from those frames that sit high and wide on your face only to highlight your already wide forehead.

5. Round Face
A round face has no angles so you have to be extra careful while choosing a frame. Pick the ones that make your face look longer or slimmer.

Best Frames: Go for square or rectangular frames (wider than your face); wayfarers are the safest bet as they draw attention to the top of the face.

Frames not for you: A strict no-no to round frames (you already have a round face!), smallish frames, or even large frames because they won’t do anything to improve your face’s round contours.

6. Oval Face
People with oval faces are the luckiest because any style suits their face due to the balanced proportions: high cheekbones, narrow jawline and forehead and chin slightly narrower as compared to the forehead.

Best Frames: Aviators are best suited, but you can also experiment with geometric styles that are shallow but not too narrow. A large frame will work wonders for your face and accentuate your cheekbones.

Frames not for you: Since you are the most versatile of all the face shapes, you can choose any frame, except the ones that are not as wide as the broadest part of your face.