Extreme Relaxation: Climber Mounts Recliner Chair on the Side of a Cliff 110 Meters Above Ground



Take a seat and let your eyes feast upon the stunning views unfolding underneath your dangling feet. Designer extraordinaire Dallin Smith from Provo, Utah, made a rope chair and attached it hundreds of feet above ground on a steep rocky cliff at Rock Canyon, offering rock-climbers a new reason to tackle the challenging rock face.

Dallin says his chair wasn’t designed to hang off cliffs, but as a comfortable lounge chair. “I was trying to figure out how to put it to use and I was originally planning on a type of furniture to place in the living room,” the industrial designer who is also an avid climber says. “The chair was a design project I have been working on as I had an excess amount of retired climbing rope lying around.” When the project was complete, it occurred to him that the chair’s place might not be in a home. “However the more renditions I made, the more it made sense to place something outside,” the man states.

It took a few weeks and two retired ropes to finish the project. “It took two days just to weave the rope, not to mention, bending and welding the frame, bolting the springs” Dallin recalls. When the chair was ready, Dallin and his girlfriend Chelsea – also a keen climber, secured the chair’s metal legs into a cliff, 110 meters above the ground at Rock Canyon with the intention of leaving it there to serve other mountaineers. Dallin relates that “I left the chair up on the mountain for about a week.” “But a couple of local climbers were pretty mad about the idea and mentioned they were headed to the mountain to tear it down and throw it in the nearest lake,” he adds. Dallin still doesn’t know what to do with his odd chair so maybe we can help him out – perhaps using it as a sunbed would be more appropriate, though definitely not as dramatic.