Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Daily


While you may be making the utmost effort to eat healthy for the majority of your day, it is possible that there are the small daily mistakes you maybe making in your diet, which makeweight loss, or weight management more difficult and a slower process than it should be.

Sometimes it is these innocuous morsels of food that make a big difference when it comes to proper weight management. So what are these foods in your daily diet that you should avoid?

1. Glass of milk – While milk is a healthy addition to your meals, it could possibly be the one food that is hindering your progress. If you are used to having a glass of milk before you sleep, at breakfast, or even for a snack in the evening, take a break from drinking milk for a month. If you feel that its making a difference – making you less sluggish, helping you lose weight, clearing up your skin etc – this maybe the solution to your problems. Give it a go.

2. Something sweet after meals – Many people have this habit of wanting just a little something sweet after every meal. This is absolutely unnecessary and you probably know it. Just that addition of sugar after your meals is worth cutting down on if you have it on a daily basis. Let dessert be a treat you save for the weekends and you will probably savour it more.

3. Heavy carbs for your evening snack – How often have you felt so hungry in the time between your lunch and dinner, that you can eat anything without giving a thought as to whether it is right for you or not? You may land up knocking off a sandwich or a samosa. This may be the only unhealthy addition to your diet in the entire day, but consumed daily, this evening snack could be hindering your efforts. Therefore, carry something that has healthy proteins and fats like nuts, with you so that you don’t succumb to hunger.

4. Potatoes – Recently dubbed by a study conducted by Harvard, as one of the foods that definitely makes you gain weight over time, potatoes have a way of turning up in our daily food unannounced. You maybe eating a healthy sabzi but a whole potato may have been added in there to improve the flavour. Fresh veggies taste good on their own if you try, so give it a shot.

5. So called ‘healthy snacks’ – Baked chakris and chips, all of these so called healthy snacks, should be substituted with real nutritious food. Many people eat these unaccounted, thinking they are healthy and will not make a big difference to their health and weight. This is a misconception and you are better off without these highly processed snacks.