Home Woman Arrested For Twerking In Front of School Children IN Florida


A homeless woman has been arrested after twerking in front of a Florida school bus.

Valerie Dixon has been charged with disorderly conduct after her ‘vulgar’ display in front of children on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old allegedly bent over and started twerking, with one hand on her ankle and the other on her genitals.

Dixon was spotted bent over at the waist by a Lake County deputy who said she was ‘dancing in a vulgar manner’.

She was said by the deputy to have one hand ‘grasping her genital area’ as she danced, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The deputy said children on the school bus were watching as the 27-year-old danced.

It is not the first time twerking has got over-enthusiastic dancers in trouble.

The popular trend, which now appears in the Oxford dictionary, sparked Miley Cyrus’s controversial appearance at the MTV awards.

The craze also led to 30 San Diego high school students being suspended after they made a video of them twerking on campus earlier this year.

Dixon is said to have had several complaints made against her in previous years and has been banned from several businesses in the area.

She had no previous criminal charges, according to News 13.

Dixon was released from jail on Wednesday after posting a $250 bond, and is due to appear in court on October 22.