‘If Jonathan’s Ambition Will Tear The Country Apart, Let It Happen’

jonathan-portrait1A political mobilization and pressure group, Nigeria Mandate 2015, has declared that no amount of pressure from the G-7 governors can stop President Goodluck Jonathan from contesting and winning the 2015 presidential elections.

The national coordinator of the group, Ntufam Ojong Okonjor, who made this known on Tuesday in Calabar, the Cross River State capital said, “without the so-called G7 governors, Jonathan will win. He did not win election based on the G7 governors, it was Nigerians from different walks of life, who voted him to be president.

“When the president contested in 2011, all those G7 states, apart from Rivers and Adamawa, did not vote for the president. They all voted for the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). Were they sincere? No. Infact, they committed a crime against the party and were supposed to be expelled from the party right from the time they failed to canvass votes for the president,” he said.

The G-7 governors comprising of Abdulfatah Ahmed (Kwara), Aliyu Wamakko (Sokoto), Babangida Aliyu (Niger), Murtala Nyako (Adamawa), Rabiu Kwankwaso (Kano), Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers) and Sule Lamido (Jigawa) have been locked in a battle with the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, and the presidency over issues bordering on control of party structures in their various states, removal of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur as National Chairman of the party and President Jonathan’s purported one term pact with some PDP governors prior to the 2011 general elections among others.

But Ojong, who is the Board chairman of Cross River Broadcasting Corporation, CRBC, vowed that his group would not relent in its efforts to ensure President Jonathan deployed every means possible to actualize his reelection bid come 2015.

He said while his organization supported good governance, it would ensure that Mr. Jonathan does not jettison his ambition as such opportunity would never come again for the South-South.

“We, in the South-South, will never allow any other group to produce president of Nigeria, because if we do, when will the turn of South-South come again? It will never come so easily and soon.  If President Jonathan’s second term ambition will tear the country apart, let it happen.  We object to vehemently to Jonathan thinking of jettisoning it.

“If you chronicle the list of all those who have been in power, you will notice that all of them had their second terms. The constitution of the country guarantees his ambition. He has constitutional right to gun for and accomplish his second term,” he said.

On the proposed National Dialogue, Ntufam Okonjor said it was not the solution to the country’s problems, but a way forward.

“It will create an atmosphere where everybody will come to the table and argue equitably.

“However, I think Nigeria’s problems lie in the hands of Nigerians themselves, but at the conference, discussants should strongly discourage the continual recycling of the old war horses, whose presence in government continually make the poor poorer. These people perpetually keep juicy government positions to their children, even to those yet unborn,” he added.



  1. I’m sorry u’re making a big mistake. Did anyone tell us to vote for him in 2011 before we did? If we don’t see him capable enough, nobody will force us to do dat. Moreso, upholding nigeria’s unity and peace is more than any ethnic group ambition. So…

  2. Ojong is the joker of the century, did he even know what transpired in those G7 states? Those governors fought for Jonathan in their respective states as if there is going to be no tomorrow. Ojong is only trying to butter his bread where there is none. Mighty number of the Northerners voted for the president under their own volition not under any for of duress. The result is there for him to check, even in the mother state of the opposition contestant, the president manage to gather the required 25%. So what is he trying to tell us? He need to understand that, majority have come to terms with the presidents’ inability to govern them, not necessarily on tribal basis but on the basis of performance. The guy should better know where to pitch his tent before it is too late for him.

  3. Quotes’wanted to butter his bread where there is none’, as the says goes’one good term,deserves another’, good work cannot be berated by any1 bcuz it wud be an eye sore, so no amount of style-canvassing campaign can change people’s mind towards 2015 election polls!

  4. I don’t understand what you people mean by non performance, as far as I am concerned Jonathan in just over 2 years is already making giant strides in development round the states; did you people expect miracles to just begin happening? Or is Jonathan Merlin? People need to be objective in this G7 issue as it is a totally political affair, those Governors have not said anything concrete about Jonathan’s performance or how they can do better, none of them even offers a better deal. Those men are shamelessly seeking to usurp the party through very funny means; we are all seeing a pattern of Northerners from the G7 governors, the ASUU chairman, boko haram, to the APC and a long list of other detractors all fighting for 2015 when there’s still work to do to help ordinary people in 2013, I pity any one including northern youths who think their leaders are fighting for them, those men are simply gunning to rule like Emirs once again that’s why they can’t tell us what they are bringing to the table, all they’ve been screaming is JONATHAN DON’T CONTEST AGAIN. Those people are even bantering the unity of this country as a threat and they are clamouring for violence, let’s see if that would win them any votes! If Jonathan was somehow from the north would all this happen? Or if any of the G7 governors including Amaechi was in his shoes would he not recontest? The north has no respect for the south. After all our resources has contributed to this nation you people think we do not deserve to be in power, they call themselves the majority when they contribute virtually nothing to the economy.

  5. Goodluck is an astute administrator,a consummate professional nd unassuming leader,i very much like his unussual humility and uncomon simplicity If goodlucks ambition wil split several heads come 2015 pls let it sharter the heads becouse i witnessd several presidents nd governors running two terms including amechi,nd i cant fathom a concret reason why Goodluck will not run aswel ,tody he wil tel us how incompetence okonjo iwela is tomorrw he wil tel us that goodluck lacks competence to rule nigeria,pls help me and tel him that if iwealas job is been handed over to him dat he cant carry it a night, ,he is among the peopl who wished goodluck on us nd i learnt that birds of a feather flock together,if goodluck cant deliver nigeria ,amechi can never never do becouse they were friends forget about what is hapening now.advertise ur market nd liv PDP alone am not a member of any part but at the same time i am aware that the party pdp is widely aknowledged as a behemoth,most of the peopl that ruled as president under pdp all ran twice why is his own a case to treat,pleas let us get tamed