Ja Rule Tells Fellow Rapper DMX, To Use A Condom


Veteran rapper DMX, has been going through probably the roughest time in his life these past months. Moving from one scandal to the another in quick succession.

The rapper had sit-down with Dr. Phil a couple of weeks ago; during which the rapper admitted he has fathered 11 children from six different women, with lucky number 12 on the way.

This alarming news seemed to have hit his fellow rapper Ja Rule hard, as he had to make a comment.

Ja Rule, rapper and actor, who has had his own fair share of controversy spoke up about the situation. Ja Rule offered some advice to his old pal during an interview with theGrio.com. “Put a condom on!” Ja says to the Ruff Ryders rapper, who owes over $1.2 million in overdue child support.

“I love X, we got a great history. We came up together in this business,” Ja continues. “It’s kind of sad to watch my homie go through what he’s going through.” 

But Ja Rule believes all hope isn’t lost  “This is America. We love to see people bounce back. We love that comeback story,” the “Always on Time” rapper says. “I don’t think it’s far off for X to come back and do something significant, and people to love him again. I think he just needs to maybe seek God. It has to be something drastic that changes the way he lives and the way he goes about his everyday lifestyle. Hopefully he’ll realize that what he’s doing is destructive.”

And Ja knows a thing or two about comebacks. The rapper recently spent two years in jail for illegal gun possession and seems determined to clean up his act.

Hopefully we’ll see DMX follow his lead.