Lady Gaga Takes Off All Her Clothes On Stage

Hahaha we haven’t seen enough of Lady Gaga yet. She never fails to entertain her fans with her outrageous outfits.

A couple of days ago, the singer landed stylishly in London in a native doctor’s attire,and today she strippéd nakéd as she performed on Friday.

The 27 year old appeared on stage in a long white gown, after which she proceeded to thrill her audience by throwing off her gown to revéal her nudíty, and waving her hands in the air.

Find the unclád pictures of the singer on stage  below.


She is set to perform on X-factor tonight. Lets sit down, fasten our seat belts and wait for another weird performance.





  1. Illuminate Aiye!
    she’s under the influency of the devil. may God deliver dem all
    Jay Z
    Kanye west
    Lil wayne ^& de rex of them IJN!

  2. For those who sill doubt that the world is coming to an end…..check this out !
    If this is what they call civilization in the western world, then I don’t want to be civilize.
    What happened to the sacred values of womanhood ??


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