Master Nau Is 16 Inches Tall And Aspires To Be Named World’s Shortest Man



An elderly Nepali villager who stands just 16 inches tall has lofty aspirations to be named the world’s shortest man.

Master Nau, 73, claims to be the shortest man in the Guinness World Records’ immovable category, which measures people who can not walk. Nau recently flew to Kathmandu, where he lobbied for the honor, according to the Telegraph.

To obtain the distinction, Guinness officials will have to acknowledge his tiny feat. If he’s named as the shortest man, he’ll beat out his rival, a Taiwanese man who stands 27 inches tall.

“Our records management team have received a formal application and they are currently assessing the proposal,” a representative from Guinness said in an e-mail to HuffPost Weird News.

Nau lives with his younger brother’s family in Bhairahawa, 217 miles southwest of Kathmandu.

“I am very happy,” Nau told the AFP.

Nau’s niece, Seema Sheikh, says her uncle enjoys eating and music, but it can sometimes be challenging to go out in public.

“He also likes hot and delicious food and loves to listen to Hindi and Nepali songs. We often hire a rickshaw to take him to the market because he loves it,” she said, according to Metro. “But whenever he goes out, people stop to look at him. Soon a small crowd would gather, which makes it difficult.”