N255m Armored Cars: Only Idiots’ll Believe Falsehood – Igbo Group Stands Up For Aviation Minister

PrincesStellaAdaezeOduahThe Igbo political think tank group, Aka Ikenga has lampooned critics of the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi over the controversy trailing the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA’s purchase of two armored BMW cars valued at N255 million for the minister’s use.

Describing the report by an online news portal – Sahara Reporters – which first broke the story on Tuesday as ‘falsehood’ and a ‘campaign of calumny’ against Mrs. Oduah-Ogiemwonyi, the group’s president, Goody Uwazurike, said anyone, who believes the report is an idiot!

“It is an idiot who believes what is written by Sahara Reporters. People should stop peddling falsehood. Don’t give a dog a bad name in order to hang that dog”, he said.

“The first question we need to ask is ‘were the cars budgeted for?’ If it is part of the current budget, there is nothing wrong in that.

“Also, why are people giving the impression that the cars were the personal property of the Minister?

“Every ministry has official cars scattered in almost all the airports in this country. But when the Minister leaves or resigns, he or she leaves all those cars behind.

“There is a serious campaign in some quarters to get Mr. President to sack the Minister, why? Is it the Minister’s fault that a pilot decides to take a plane that is being repaired and fly it in the air?

“Let us stop all these campaigns of calumny against the Minister,” the Aka Ikenga leader stated.


  1. I think it is about time to start calling a spade a spade. No matter where a government official is from if he/she is accused of wrongdoing they should be criticised.
    Buying a old model limosine at attrocious prices using funds from a limited budget of a strategic parastatal is gross ineptitude.
    Being a Nigerian she is too shameless to resign to protect her integrity, of which she has none. She is now otherwise hiding behind the aprons of her kinsmen who have none either.
    Maybe it is not yet fully proven but whoever wants to defend this “lady” should volunteer todig up the TRUTH to defend her and not bandy insinuations and tribal sentiments around.
    I do not support this corruption be it from a Yoruba, Ibo Hausa or whatever Nigerian, so Aka Ikenga do your homework and prove this woman innocent or SHUT UP.

  2. this is one of the reasons why an Igbo Man can never roll this country, very sure their bank account hv b credited to hv stoop so low. once it come to money an igbo man or wman will leave their pride behind, u guys will never b president of this country by God’s grace

  3. U are the idiot is it our countires money that is ment for buying cars.u igbo group should better be careful with what u are saying we are not illitrates pls. She is a cheat and a disgrace to her country.if its from other part of the country you will start complaining. Saying all sort of rubish to us about sahara reporters afe fools.if all the ministers decides to buy the same car what happens to our money.think twice my pple.

  4. It is a shame that some people will keep playing the ethnic card by supporting corruption which has been blown open just because the thief happens to be one of their own. The so called Aka Ikenga group are a bunch of thieves, with Goody Uwazurike as their ring leader. There is nothing they can do or say to defend Ms Stella Oduah from this scandal, hence they keep quiet and bury their heads in shame. If the minister was a Northerner, a Yoruba woman or even a Niger Deltan, would this so called group still come out to defend her? No matter where a thief comes from, that thief remains a thief and should be treated as one. Join the ”WAGON” as we say no to corruption in Nigeria.

  5. awake!!! nigerian youths, tribalism, religious cleavage,and cultural differences are all nigerian elites’ instruments to manipulate the minds of youths….consequences of their corrupt practices such fall in standard of education,unemployment,and poverty do not know tribes,religion and culture. Nigerian youth, rise against elites’use of religious,ethnic, and cultural sentiment to ruin our nearest future.

  6. Why are national issues tribalised in this country. Why defending what is indefensible. Are we not all reaping the fruits of corruption in this nation. Why should the Ikenga talk good of evil? The earlier we divide this country the better. Then Ikenga can habour thieves and pester them. Seriously speaking, I am highly disturbed more than GEJ about the situation in this country where kidnapping. Fraud, joblessness, strike, insecurity etcccccccccc are orders of the day. Ikenga, pls close your mouth.