N255m Cars Scandal: APC, Melaye, G-7 Govs Behind My Travails – Oduah


The Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah yesterday pleaded innocent to the allegations that she compelled an agency under her ministry to purchase two armored vehicles at the cost of $1.6m (N255) for her use, saying the allegations were politically motivated with President Goodluck Jonathan being the ultimate target.

Her latest stance runs contrary to the statement issued by her media aide – Joe Obi, who admitted that the cars were bought as a security measure following imminent threats to the minister’s life.

Mr. Obi had said, “Yes, it is true that some security vehicles were procured for the use of the office of the honourable minister in response to the clear and imminent threat to her personal security and life following the bold steps she took to reposition the sector”.

But in a 360-degree turn, the Aviation Minister, through the General Manager, Corporate Communications of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Yakubu Dati said, “The poorly organised circus show by APC strong-man, Dino Melaye, has finally unmasked the masquerade dancing under the mask.”

Dati said in a statement that: “the phantom linkage of the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah to the purchase of official vehicles by NCAA has assumed a comical dimension as every car, bus and van in all the aviation agencies now allegedly belong to the Minister of Aviation.”

He claimed that no mention is made of the fact that, of all the documents paraded for the vehicles, none indicated that they were bought in the Minister of Aviation’s name.

“This is not with-standing the fact that the NCAA has come out to clarify the issue that entered into the transaction.

“Indeed, Nigerians are mischievously sold the lie that the cars have been paid for – meanwhile they were purchased on higher purchase and payments are yet to even commence,” he explained.

“Nigerians must also note that the main target of this sinister plot is President Goodluck Jonathan who must be stopped from running for re-election in 2015, in line with the dictates of the G7, who have demanded that Okonjo Iweala, Alison Madueke, and Princess Oduah must go as a condition for a truce (?)” He alleged.

According to him, “these same spoilers mounted and orchestrated campaign for the removal of other shinning stars.  And now, they have turned their searchlight on Princess Stella Oduah, another rising star of this administration. Should they be allowed to succeed this time?”

-Daily Trust



  1. Stella Obuah should cover her face in shame. She should stop dragging the President into her murky water. In fact, if the President didn’t want to sack her earlier he should sack her for dragging him into this mess. If the cars have not been paid for, the contract should be cancelled immidiately. Stella you are a disgrace to womanhood. You want to jeoperdize the chances of other women being appointed into positions. BE CAREFUL.

  2. The igbos coming to her defense are useless and senseless. They are openly backing a very corrupt public officer. I won’t do that even if same is my blood brother or sister. We should please give place to logical reasoning than resorting to sentiment!!!

  3. I will call these whistleblowers honest compatriots. It has been very worrisome for many nigerians, more especially the northerners that the ministry of aviation is headed by unpatriotic nigerian.
    Although, her administration has accomplished much in the aviation infrastrcture. But when the good that her administration has done is compared to the wrong ones, the wrong ones will have much more negative impact on nigeria.
    I said this because, she has stopped 4 international air carriers from operating in kano and abuja. This many people consider to be a grand design to topple the economy of the north, this act of unpatriotism will put in mind of the future leaders hatred for each sentiments within the country which might eventually lead to north-south disputes.
    We need people with attitude of federalism as leaders not those who favor only their own.
    Furthermore, the whistleblower of this crime, be it newPDP or someone else. It cost them great courage to “whistleblow” one of the president’s favourite. They should continue doing this, it can save our country from its endemic corruption.

  4. This man called Yakubu Datti must be stupid to think he can deceive us into believing that Mr President is the major target in this controversy surrendering the fraudulent bullet proof BMW porsch cars.

    Mr Yakubu and Princess Stella Oduah must tell us if it was Dino Melaye and the APC or G7 governors and the nPDP, that collided to spend that huge sum of money on two unbudgeted vehicles. They should tell Nigerians if it was this group of people that adviced them to divert funds meant to safe guard our airways for the safety of one single Nigerian who happens to be the Aviation minister.

    Rather than resign from her exalted seat as a member of cabinet for her corrupt acts , Princess Oduah is busy dragging Mr President into this scandalous show of shame. Pointing accussing fingers on innocent people whose only crime was trying to know the truth about the whole shaddy deal that took place in the Aviation industry, with her being the Chairlady and mastermind of the fraud.

    The Aviation minister and other masterminds of this fraud should bow out and cover their heads in shame because, no amount of lies can cover up for their sins to this nation. They should stop politicising everything in this country.

    The people I pity for most are those shameless Igbo people who are tribalising this whole issue. A thief is a thief no matter where that thief comes from. Say no to corruption in Nigeria.

  5. Yakubu Datti or whatever ur name is, just shut d fuck up. You think u’re talking to ur 7 year old child abi? Plsss u’re addressing a group of largely more intelligent folks than urself. So jst go take a nap and wait 4 month end to collect ur salary okay. Bunch of fucking nitwits.