Triple Combo: Omawumi Reunites With Baby Daddy + Shares Blurry Photo Of Them + Gives Engagement Hint




Singer, Omawumi has kept her intimate life very secret and till this very day, it’s still a mystery.

It seems the singer has resovled her issues with the father of her daughter.

Omawumi had a child in the US, in 2011; and ever since then, there’s been no word of who the father of the child is.

Some sources are quite sure that the father is Tosin Yusuf, but there hasn’t been any proof so far.

I can’t really say if Omawumi is now in talking terms with her baby daddy or she has fallen in love with someone else, but the truth will soon be known.

Omawumi shared a blurry photo of herself, her daughter Kamillah Emmanuella Yusuf and Baba Kamillah on Instagram days ago, the photo is so blurry you can hardly make out the image of the man suspected to the her baby’s daddy.

Omawumi also told sources that we should expect “good news” soon as regards to herself and baby daddy. She wrote: –

Baba Kamillah, Kami and Mummy… I wish I cld share more. Thank you so much for your patience. Clearer photos and good news sooner than you know. God is always good.


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