When And Why is Red Wine Good For You

Check out what are the health benefits of moderate consumption of red wine.


1. Helps your digestion. Polyphenols in wine help your gut lessen the harmful effects of certain chemicals before they are distributed throughout the rest of your system. Polyphenols in wine lessen the harmful influence of some chemicals before they spread throughout the rest of your body system.

2. Makes you more slender. Studies show that the substance in red wine called piceatannol can help to halt the growth of fat cells, preventing them from forming in full or maturing into full-blown fat.

3. Gives you hard bones. According to the recent studies, moderate consumption of wine is good for developing strong and healthy bones. Stronger bones mean a lesser chance of developing osteoporosis. However, over-consumption can make bones weaker.

4. Prevents cancer. Some researches show that it is about amazing antioxidant attributes in polyphenols (escpecially resveratroll) that contribute to red wine’s cancer-fighting powers, as they include protection from the free radicals that damage cells and DNA and lead to cancer.

5. Prolongs your life. In a fascinating new study on worms, resveratrol was shown to extend lifespan by 60 per cent! It accomplishes this by both preventing disease (such as cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes) and by triggering the so-called “longevity gene” (SIRT1), which further boosts overall health and wellness. Scientists have high hopes for the future of resveratrol in extending human lifespan and vitality.

Source: Lifehacks