12 Reasons Why Many Guys Don’t Like You

This goes to all the ladies out there. Have you ever taken time to think of the reasons why that guy dumped you?

Why he doesn’t like you? Why that guy dimmed his love for you? Why your guy changed all over a sudden? Why guys don’t fall for you? Why you are remaining single year to year?

1. You Lie Too Much – Guys aren’t stupid. They can tell when they’re being lied too. Don’t try to hide who you are because you think a guy won’t like the real you. You can’t fool somebody forever and once the truth comes out he’ll never trust you again. So be yourself to some guys who date you.

2. You Don’t Appreciate The Little Things He Does For You – Some guys are horrible with expressing their feelings, but they try to in their own little ways. Sometimes it’s something small like picking up a cupcake because they know you’ll like it. Lots of times an act like this goes unnoticed, If a guy is trying to show you he cares and you don’t see it he’ll think you don’t care or you don’t love him. Appreciate his efforts please.

3. You Text & Make Calls Too Much – Guys like to feel important. If you’re on your phone the whole time during dinner they’ll feel like you don’t care about them. The solution is to turn your phone off so you can give all your attention to him. Seriously, nothing is so important to having to always be texting. Think about it and stop it.

NOTE: Some of these reasons are vice-versa. Some of the guys out there also do this. They should also borrow a leaf from these tips.

4. You’re a Party Animal – Guys like to have fun, but they also like to chill out. If you’re going out to bars and clubbing like thrice a week, soon your guy will get tired of it. First of all it’s not developmental at all and it’s wastage of time if overdone. So a guy will hate and dump you for that. If you want to be in a committed relationship you have to give up the crazy nights out. I am not saying your never party,but do it once in a while.

5. Showing That You Know Everything – Women are smart; we all know this, but some women think they know everything. Nobody likes a know-it-all. When you’re constantly trying to prove to a guy that he’s wrong it’ll eat away at him. Even if you know you’re right about something let it slide. I It’s okay to let someone else have the glory.

6. Do Not Be Afraid To Eat – Here’s a fact about this world: guys like to eat food. If you don’t eat while he is, you’ll make them feel awkward. You don’t need to eat a cheeseburger and fries every day, but do more than have a side salad for dinner.

7. You Are Not Idependent Enough – If whenever life gets rough you run to your parents for help, it’ll turn a guy off. It’s good to have a support system, but if you’re calling your mom because you broke a nail, because your guy never paid all the necessary bills, if he left insufficient money for l aunch at home, if he came back late, If he never ate the food you cooked… it shows you won’t be able to handle the bigger problems when they come.

8. You Don’t Work But You Want To Spend Like a Billionaire – If you want to shop all day long, you better have your own money to do it. Guys don’t like having to sweat all day. Many ladies sometimes like competing, they like buying things that they won’t use simply because they don’t suit their standards. They like to poses it and full up their wardrobe simply because she saw her closest female friend with it. Guys dislike this; they will dump you because of being a big spender.

9. You Need To Change Him – Guys like who they are. They are how they are for a reason, basically for a living. If he’s a horrible dresser you can buy him a new shirt, but don’t force anything on him. If he likes wearing pair of Jeans, T-shirts and sneaks, that is his style… Don’t try to change him to start putting on suits that he is not used to. Just love him the way he is. If you aren’t happy with who he is, find somebody else that makes you happy. But remember some on can be so stylish but when he has no true love for you at heart.

10. You Never Decide Where To Eat Dinner From – If you’re going out to dinner just make a choice and stick with it. Guys don’t like making a decision and then hanging it and then changing it again. If you want to go to more than one place, there’s always next weekend.

11. You Act Like The World Is Ending – There’s nothing worse for a guy than when a girl acts like the world is ending because her favorite salad
was out of stock when she went grocery shopping. Even if it means a lot to you try to let it go. Guys just blow things off and hope you will to.

12. Being So Friendly To His Friends – Guys don’t make new friends often. The friends they have are for life. When you try to step in between a guy and his buddies all you’re doing is creating a barrier between the two of you. A guy may dump you because of your being so close to his friends. He will feel insecure; he will get jealous and starts losing the trust hence leading to dumping you and even hating his friends for life. Don’t be into his friends so much; don’t communicate with them behind his back unless he is okay with it. Talk to them mostly when he is around with you.