15 Funny Observations In Nollywood Movies


Below are some of those subtle and funny “things” about Nigerian Nollywood movies.

1.Isn’t funny that a Ghost picks up a call in Nollywood, how is this possible?

2. Why would a Ghost have to look “left and right” before crossing the road?

3.Isn’t it funny for two Ghost to fall in love, na wa!

4. Why is it that Nollywood characters die or run mad immediately after their confessions?

5. How come a legendary Village Movie, set in the 70′s, still find Brazilian hair on Mercy Johnson?

6. Must all hired assassins be found in uncompleted or abandoned buildings?

7. Will a Yoruba movie ever be complete without a visit to the ‘Baba’?

8. Observe, nine out of ten times, Olu Jacobs dies of heart attack in Nollywood movies, why?

9. “15 years ago” , Ini Edo calls her boyfriend with a Blackberry Bold 5. How possible?

10. When poor people come to Lagos to struggle, they always make it. How true is this?

11. Isn’t it funny for Segun Arinze to act as Ramsey Noah’s dad?

12. Isn’t it interesting for a blind woman to say “I’m happy to see you, my son”?



  1. all this things you mentioned very funny, but what is most hilarious is the fact that you that is criticizing Nollywood movies should be mindful of the things you say so that others will not criticize you, there is a saying that says, if you tell someone to take is time, look at the remaining fingers direction pointing towards you. You said 15 funny things and you only put up 12, so now who is more careless?

  2. its simply our own way of doing things, let’s try and encourage ourselves so that we’l get there in no time. for me all these points u made does not justify the fact that our nollywood is not trying. how are you sure that you wnt do the worst when giving the opportunity to direct or act. forget critizn and encourage them!

  3. All u said is true jare, what is worth Doin at all is worth Doin well. after all they are making money from it, we are d ones buying their movies nd we nid to complain wen we see sumfin bad.

  4. i always thought of these scenes too…
    dont they watch these films bfor letting ot out?.. i could remember somtime tht a camera was visible in one yoruba movie i watched… and crews shadows was visible too in one english film…chy! nawa ooo..
    but u too don join dem by posting 12 insted of 15.


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