Bar Raises Drinking Age to 25 Because Young People Can’t Handle Themselves


It would seem some young people in Brooklyn need to get their act together. Phil’s Crummy Corner, a bar located in the Columbia Street District of the borough, has raised its drinking age to 25. According to a report by DNAinfo New York , the move was made, “in the wake of complaints about rowdy crowds, discarded beer bottles on the street, and late-night shouting that wakes up locals.”

Restaurant manager Isabel Santiago told DNAinfo, “[The locals’] quality of life is our concern,” and that they wanted to make Phil’s Crummy Corner a “quiet family place.” Curious about whether this joint was any good, we took a look at their Yelp review. Review, not reviewS. In April 2011, user Andrzej K. gave them 3 stars, writing “I came in with 2 girls and they didn’t get jeered at- just some very polite words in Espanol were exchanged when we walked in.” Ok.

They’re looking to keep the peace after an angry community board meeting that saw the bar and family restaurant’s neighbors understandably pitch a fit about the rambunctiousness occurring, saying things like, “They’re animals. Friday and Saturday night, it’s like animal town.”

Hate to disagree with the perturbed Brooklyn resident, but an animal town would probably be far better than what’s been going down in and around Phil’s Crummy Corner. Tigers don’t have loud conversations. Hippos don’t illegally park on sidewalks. Lemurs don’t play loud music. Red pandas don’t litter sidewalks and planters with their empty beer bottles. Well, sometimes they do toss their empties into planters, yes, but that happens only occasionally.

DNAinfo is writing that the rules aren’t going to be steadfast. Since Phil’s Crummy Corner is also a family restaurant, they’ll serve 21-24 year olds ‘til 10pm on weekends. They’ll also serve anybody who they know to be upstanding enough to not cause a drunken disturbance.