Enugu: Chime’s Wife Briefed Me To Represent Her – Falana


Lagos-based lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana has disputed the claims of Enugu State Governor, Mr. Sullivan Chime, that his wife, Clara, did not brief him to defend her interest.

Falana said in a statement, Thursday, that, contrary to the claim of the governor and his wife, Mrs. Chime gave him the brief to secure her release from illegal custody at the Government House, Enugu.

In a letter dated November 1, 2013, sent to the IG, Falana had demanded the release of Mrs. Chime from unlawful custody and the prosecution of the governor’s security detail and family members that were accomplices in holding the governor’s wife against her wish.

The governor, had Tuesday night told reporters that Falana did not have the consent of his wife to petition the Inspector General of Police (IG) to ensure her freedom.

Reacting to the governor’s claim, Falana said it was diversionary as he did not need the instructions of citizens who are illegally detained to demand their release.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the doctrine of locus standi in the area of human rights has been abolished by the Fundamental Rights (Enforcement Procedure) Rules 2009 which came into force on December 1, 2009..

“With respect to Mrs. Clara Chime, I wish to say, without any fear of contradiction, that I have her instructions in writing to challenge her illegal detention at the Government House, Enugu. Through the assistance of some of the security personnel in the Government House, she has since spoken to me on the phone to confirm her instructions. Indeed, Mrs. Chime’s mother and her personal physician have also been in touch with me urging me to take all appropriate measures to secure her freedom from Governor Chime’s illegal confinement.

“Having confirmed the allegation that he has willfully infringed on the fundamental rights of his wife to personal liberty, dignity of the person and freedom of movement, Governor Chime should release his wife from illegal custody; be warned not to divert attention from the brutal abuse of the rights of his wife. If he and his doctors are convinced that she is medically challenged, they should send her to a hospital for quick recovery,” he added.

Sources have revealed that the governor and some of his in-laws conspired to deceive the public on the state of Mrs. Chime’s mental health.

According to a source, the family members would rather prefer that she remains in captivity so long as they are benefitting from their relationship with the governor than for her to be freed, especially one was said to be using their relationship with the governor to win contracts from the state government.

“Their belief is that if this lie is sustained, those who genuinely want to help Clara out of her predicament would abandon her. Mrs. Chime is sane and very resoundingly so. Neuro-psychiatrists can be invited to test her. There is no madness in her family line, Mrs. Chime told me.

“Since this matter is now a public embarrassment to Governor Chime, if Clara is abandoned, she is bound to lose her life in that confinement. She is crying out,” the source said.