Leave Oduah Alone Or We’ll Expose Yorubas In Office Using Armored Cars, Says Group

stella-cars1A pressure group championing the rights of Igbos, Oke Ndigbo, has threatened to expose alleged owners of the 312 armoured cars in Nigeria if what they described as the ethnic persecution of embattled Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah does not stop.

The group in a statement signed by its national coordinator, Comrade Jude Nworah and secretary, Chief Eze Chidubem, said following their investigations which showed that there are a total of 312 armoured vehicles in Nigeria being used by public officers, majority of the users are from the Southwest and in public office.

Said the group, “Our research has shown that about 242 public officers in Nigeria use armoured cars and the South west is in possession of 38 per cent of them. We have the figure of the purchase and other details. If Stella Oduah is taken up on clear grounds of misconduct, we would not be part of her wars. But because we have deep knowledge of the ethnic bias on this calumny intended to edge her out because she is an Igbo woman, we will join in the fight as we have resolved”.


  1. Very absurd,merely first sighted the topic my mind was full of curiosity to read the full story of the topic. I as a person,I ‘neva send the ox is gore’,and I ‘neva doff my-hat’ for once,that group generally must be stupid and chump,honestly,they’re scourge and full of empty brain group that need to shattered and neva existed,they’re deterrent group that dizzilessly embrace the unethical acts of our political leaders,vividly,it since the begining of this issue shows that they’re craving the indulgence upon this matter and impunitize the culprit,and under normal circumstances,the law stipulates that any caught culprit must brought to judgement in the court of law, so, I wonder why hers was different. This is the kind of the unethical behaviour that causes the bane of our economy or development,at this juncture,let ‘a spade’,regarded as’a spade’. Period!

  2. My brother the issue is not a matter of tribalim,please I will appreciate if you can publish all their names,what matter most is to expose bad eggs in the society so we can know those that our siphoning us in the country.

  3. the leaders of this group are just looking for cheap publicity and perhaps trying to curry favor from the minister. this issue has nothing to do with tribe, if a public office holder is corrupt he/she should be exposed and justice meted out. the sad thing is that some people will play into the hands of this group by turning this into a tribal issue and thus lose sight of what is really important.

  4. I don’t know why some people are so bias and sentimental when it comes to polical issues. The so call shameless group should publiish the names of those public office holder if they have the evidence becos I don’t just understand how the issue of corruption is now related to tribalism

  5. I can’t but continue to laugh because i see how daft so people can be. How on earth will a corrupt and useless group now try to bring Yorubas to their stupid fight. Yorubas right from time to cover criminals and looters of money, The issue of Patricia Ette, The main voice then were Yorubas who condemned her act even though all the allegation at the end of the day was mere paper work because she was not indicted in any way. Secondly, Gani Fawehinmi was the only voice against Tinubu with regards to certificate, and i can continue on and on, If a tribe can be known for all the aforementioned, I this group need to tell the world what they stand for. I a sure they collected something before coming out for this idiotic and nonsensical words.

  6. Dis is d obvious reason why we can’t champion a corruption free society,wen some people will be thinkin dat a particular leader is been targeted bcos of his/her religious or ethnic background.if we want to achive anytin gud in dis country it is very advisable we stand together as one.To me Stella needs to be probed not bcos she is igbo but bcos she is a corrupt leader.And pls expose dos u think are guilty of such in d S/W so dat we can disgrace dem together.

  7. This is a shameless group. Why should you cover up a public officer who stole tax payers money because she is from your tribe. So why did we prosecute James Ibori? Mind you, former Governor of Ogun state, Gbenga Daniel was screened by EFCC yesterday, the Yorubas did not say anything. Wake up Nigeria

  8. It is quite obvious that this so called group has not the interest of this nation at heart, We are talking about corruption here and they are busy being tribal conscious! As far as I’m concerned, there should be no sentiment in dealing with corruption in this country. Long live Nigeria!

  9. U want to speak with vocabs, den use dem appropriately and stop strangulating English language! Learn to preview ur comment b4 u click d “send” or “post comment” button, grammar no be by force…thank me later

  10. Wht a corrupt group dat z representing ndi igbo..y dnt u go ahead and list d names of those so call corrupt leader dat own an armour car..wit dis kind of pple nigeria wil neva get betta in terms of corruption..una dey fight 4 ndi igbo as if to say na we nd she go use dat motor..am an igbo but dis z rubbish..

  11. Just bring it on and name anybody you want, SW dont shield any corrupt public officer. Patricia Etteh,Adenike Granges,Dimeji Bankole,Tafa Balogun,etc, did u see any SOuth westerner defending them or threatening other Nigerians?

  12. The group is an agglomerate of pea brained people.If truly this is not a reflection of ibo people taught,why has many of them refuse to condemn odua misconduct?I learnt that jonathan is under pressure by these lucipher allies too.NIGERIA NA WA OOO!

  13. Let’s leave aside tribal sentiment yoruba ppl av culture of partial objectivity.wen d likes of obj,Olubunmi etteh,dimeji bankole,Iyabo obasanjo&oda fumbled yoruba ppl called for deir prosecution.yoruba ppl detest dem&for once dy neva supported deir conducts.let’s b interested abt xposin dishonest public officers&nt try to shield dem on d basis of tribalism

  14. “There are a total of 312 armoured vehicles in Nigeria being used by public officers…” Nigerians are not so worried that public officers use armoured vehicles, as they are that madam Oduah used a whooping N255m of tax payers money to buy two of such vehicles. Oke Ndigbo should not only threaten, but go ahead and publish, remember to tell us the cost of each of the 312 armoured vehicles.

  15. That’s good observation for us all! Many times I had read pple’s comment over corruptions in different newspapers & magazines, all I saw most was that @least 80% Igbos had biased judgement and sentimental in their reasons when it came to corrupt and indisciplined Easterners. But majority yorubas didn’t do that. That shows we have to be very careful when we wanna vote again!

  16. That’s their mentality,is either we like it or not! I’ve interviewed many Igbos over some corruption issues, it’s like some conscience are lost really! They sound like “it’s our time to loot, embezzle now, even if Nig.is gonna divide, we dn’t give shit”. It even shows in Jonathan’s every step and attitude, unless we all refuse to face reality! So, Nigeria’s future counts on our votes in 2015 election

  17. Being geopolitically or ethnically biased on issues of corruption, does not tell well of us whether as a tribe, an ethnic group, or as a nation. This lopsidedness on sensitive issues as this, is responsible for our backwardness both individually or nationally; because our voting, political appointments, employments, award of contracts, etc. has been shaped by this very tragic evil creation of ethnic or geopolitical divide invented by the political or ruling class in their own interest. This has got to stop. Let’s call a spade a spade. Make room for positive change. Upgrade your thinking digitally to that of nationhood (or Nigerianhood), Africanhood or globalisation (world peace and progress). Champion this course in your own little corner, in your little way. Sound it very loud for everyone to hear and take correction. Consequences of refusing to do it could be grave and daring.