Meet Granny Who Runs 100km Ultra-marathons at The Age of 77


A Serbian grandmother has no intention of slowing down in her old age – and is running 100km ultra-marathons to prove it.

Andjelina Andjelic, who is 77-years-old, only took up running 22 years ago when she felt it was time that she “started to live a little bit more healthily.”

Since that decision she has pounded her way through 100 pairs of trainers and has competed in such celebrated urban races as the New York, Rome and London marathons.

“I first started to run at 100 metres to see if I even could do that. Then I went for 200, 500 and after a while I’ve participated at races of 5,000 metres”, she said. “Sometimes I have to ask the organisers not to pack up and go home before I cross the finish line.

“I am a bit slower than many, but I always make a point of completing a race.

“The most gruelling I recall was 111 kilometres, but it took me 24 hours”, said Andjelina, adding that she runs for health and fun, not for results. Despite of it she has already won 35 different medals.

“Some don’t believe it when I say I am a granny”, she said. “I think they expect me to sit at home and knit, or something.

“But there is nothing like the wind in your face and the adrenalin pumping through your body to make you feel good. I hope I will still be running at the age of 100!”