Military Kill Over 40 Suspected Boko Haram Members In Coordinated Ground, Air Assaults In Borno


The war against radical Islamist sect – Boko Haram – in Borno State recorded a major success on Wednesday as more than 40 suspected members of the sect were killed in a Military raid involving air strikes and ground assault by troops of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army in Bita village area, along Damboa-Gwoza road.

It would be recalled that almost a fortnight ago, over 20 suspected terrorists were reportedly killed by the troops of the 7 Division in Bita village, while several others escaped when the military launched an offensive on one of the Boko Haram hideouts in the area, as confirmed to reporters by the Spokesman of the Division, Colonel Mohammed Dole.

Bita, which is considered one of the strongholds of the terrorists, is located 32 kilometres west of Gwoza.


  1. I am on my knees praying & thanking God through His only begothen son JESUS CHRIST. I know one day these imbeciles will be no more. I suggest the Fed govt should mobilize idle police in Lagos to face these terrorist instead of terrorising innocent Lagosians. They’re hungry to pull the triger.

  2. The useless criminals cannot withstand the might of the Nigerian Army, this I know for sure. Our leaders are playing politics with all their attrocities and they are being pampered if not they would all have been wiped out before now and go and meet their Allah for 7 virgins. What an ideology? Well kudos to the ofiicers and men of the Armed Forces and we need more of this action but separate the innocent ones from them. All those sponsoring them and their families will have a case to answer on the last day and the blood of those innocent Nigerians they have shed will cry to Almighty God for vengeance. God will bless Nigeria in JESUS’ name, amen


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