New York Eye Doctor Implants Platinum Heart in Patient’s Eye


New York eye doctor Emil Chynn implanted a platinum heart in a patient’s eye a few weeks ago, leading to the question: Is eye bling the next big thing?

His patient, 25-year-old Lucy Luckayanko, certainly hopes so. Luckayanko, who paid $3,000 for the surgery, reports that a man recently approached her at a nightclub and exclaimed, “Oh, your eye is so shiny!”

Her response was simple: “Yeah. I’ve got platinum in my eye.”

Dr. Chynn, who some might remember as the “creepy Craigslist doctor” who advertised a rent-free apartment for any woman who would walk on his back for an hour a day and help him find a wife, performed the operation at his Park Avenue office.

During the procedure, Chynn used a laser to make a tiny slit in the membrane of Luckayanko’s eye and placed the curved heart into its pocket.

“You don’t feel anything,” she said.

Since the surgery — the first of its kind in New York — four other people have contacted Chynn about getting eye bling.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology is warning consumers to avoid the operation. “The American Academy of Ophthalmology has not identified sufficient evidence to support the safety or therapeutic value of this procedure,” the academy said in a statement.

Luckayanko and Chynn insist the academy is wrong.

“Tell these people I’m not going to lose my eyeball,” Luckayanko said.

“It’s not possible,” Chynn said. “My life would be better if people listened to me.”