Photo: See Pastor Touching A Lady’s ”Thing” During Prayer


Is it that, spiritually, something is really wrong with this lady who’s lying down or it is about her prívate area?

Btw, if you look very well, that is if you have a very sharp set of eyes, you will observe that the guy standing on the left hand side of the female pastor is already REACTING to seeing someone touch a lady’s prívate area in his presence…



    • There could be everything wrong. Suppose the ‘pastor’ is a lesbian having her kicks from the ”deliverance” session? Must there be a touch before “deliverance” can take place? God’s healing power is the Holy Spirit and does not require a physical touch, especially if it could cause a scandal as this one, except if the healing power is from Juju. Let us wise up and NOT be continually deceived by these con men/women in the name of God.

  1. Think Deeply, Naija Oh God Of Creation, Is Now Oh God Of Corruption, Nigeria Call To Steal, Guide Our Leaders Now, To Buy Armoured Cars For N255m When There Are 80% Of People Who Cannot Afford Their Daily Breads, Nt To Talk Of Joining It With Sugar And Milk. Where Jamb Wil Tell U To Pay For Jamb Registration Number Because They Cant Find Ur Details On Their System Again, Naija My Father Land, Where We Value, Bokoharam Than The Future Of Naija Student’s.

  2. You are very stupid Mubarak. How can you just syllogize about other pastors. You are cursed with restlessness (till you find Christ).
    Meanwhile, you (the writer) is more stupid to report such a news as this. For God sake, these are ladies! What if the lady placing her palm on the private part is not a pastor per se? This is how you taint the injured reputation of journalists; making the world to see us as “amebo”. If you MUST report, report what can develop minds and strengthen unity.
    Aside the fact that you have added to the bad name people call journalists, you have also made people think “ALL PASTORS ARE THAT WAY.” Besides, there is nothing indecent about the pic. It’s just like a man uses his hands to place on another man’s dick. Would u call that absurdity?
    I’m a journalist. And so, i will not tolerate stupidity like this. Very stupid report.

  3. Haba na wa 4 una oooo,noting is wrong wit d pix even thou d pastor na man dere is till nting wrong wit it as far as she go get her healin,dis pple r innocent bt u guys read bad meanin 2 tins better stop cos is nt Good at all.

  4. dat is it a lot of things happen in d church, so why is she touching her fellow woman private part, is it where d gals problems is? all I ave to say is dat God will deliver us all frm d wicked world we are living in. Amen

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  7. Well said Moses, have you guys ever thought that maybe that part of the girls trousers tore, and that lady is an usher that had to act fast by covering it with her hands while a proper covering is being brought, its very dumb for readers to allow their minds to dissuaded by stupid comments from the publisher and other readers, am a photographer and I know how deceiving pictures can be, am sure the publisher of this picture does not even know where this picture was taken. Please readers when you read try as much as you can to be objective.