Shekau Boasts On Leading Latest Damaturu Attacks… Says Dialogue Won’t Work

Abubakar ShekauBoko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau has claimed that he personally led the October 24th attack on security formations in Damaturu Yobe State which left many persons dead.

In a 28 minutes video titled “Gazwatu Damaturu” (the “Battle of Damaturu), the most wanted Nigerian terrorist claimed that it was one of the most successful operations of his group because they seized a large cache of arms and ammunitions.

Shekau, who spoke intermittently in Arabic, Hausa and Kanuri languages, vowed that his group will keep on fighting until they establish Sharia system in Nigeria.

“Look at what happened in Damaturu. I do not need to disclose the number of troops that we killed. Glory is to God. We know how much we killed among them… I do not need to tell you. According to him, “We carried out the Damaturu attacks with Allah’s help, with Allah’s Might, with Allah’s Glory and with victory from Allah, The Creator.

In the video, cache of arms, including Ak47 rifles, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and countless ammunition were displaced.

Shekau said, “This is a glad tiding to our brethren. These weapons you are seeing, it is Allah that blessed His servants that are waging Jihad to establish Islam in Nigeria. All these weapons were seized in just one town and what it shows is that Nigerian rulers – traditional and secular – are liars, he said.

“Someone will be saying dialogue is ongoing with a faction. This is not the way to bring disunity among a community that is working with the Qur’an to establish Islam”.

It would be recalled that many people were killed when suspected Boko Haram members attacked the headquarters of the 233 Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Kukareta in the outskirt of Damaturu; the police criminal investigation department (CID) office, police area command office, Mobile base and C division police station all along Gujba road, Damaturu as well as many checkpoints, public buildings and private residential quarters in the North-east town of Damaturu.

-Daily Trust