24-Yr-old Man Impregnates Younger Sister In Cross River

pregnantA twenty-four-year-old man, Ndifreke Uko has allegedly impregnated his younger sister, Otobong Uko.

The incident occurred which occurred at Ikang Etta Street in Calabar Municipality of Cross River State, has left residents reeling in shock as they could not fathom why the two siblings engaged in such incestuous act.

Narrating her ordeal, Otobong said: “My brother has been having regular sex with me until I suddenly realized what the whole thing was all about. And when I noticed it, I told my father, but he advised me not to make it public, until three months after I realized that I had missed my period”.

It was also gathered that the same Ndifrek had allegedly impregnated one of his sisters some years back but an attempt to abort the pregnancy, led to the girl’s name whose name was not given.

An attempt to get the reaction of neighbours in the compound was unsuccessful even as Information Nigeria learnt that property belonging to the Uko family had been thrown out.


  1. Charles damn u… I hate ur comment.. I’m actually from akwa ibom.. I bet u, if u would have boldness to say dat to any akwa ibomite facefuli… Lemme remind u, 90 percent of the prominent people that make the history of CRS ar from akwa ibom… I thought we wer brothers……. With draw ur statement…. We ar living in a world wher things happen on dairly bases….. I just hate ur comment dats all….

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  3. Michael did you listen to yourself? Who deceive you that 90% of Cross Riverians who are great are from Akwa Ibom? You can rightly mention Donal Duke, Florence Ita-Giwa, and few more, but that does not mean all great men in Cross River Are Akwa Ibomites. You left the substance of the matter to pursue shadow by expressing your hatred for Charles because he’s saying truth. Truth is bitter, so face the fact and tell your people to be civil. The man who starved his children that they are witches is from Akwa Ibom, the boys who killed their father (the lecturer) to enable collect his gratuity from Unical are from Akwa Ibom etc, then this one again, instead of facing the truth, you are rather expressing your hatred for Charles. Why not face the message which very obvious instead of hating for the messenger?