Boko Haram Terrorists Who Attacked Bama Barracks Came From Cameroon – DHQ


The Army barracks in Bama, Borno State was in the early hours of yesterday, attacked by terrorists who came from cells located across Nigerian Border with Cameroun through Banki town, the Defence Headquarters yesterday confirmed.

According to the DHq, high calibre weapons such as anti-aircraft and rocket propelled guns were freely used in the attack that lasted several hours.

Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, noted in a statement that “Ground troops backed by the Air Force have repelled the attack and are in pursuit of the insurgents.

“Details of casualties recorded in the incident will be released when the ongoing cordon and search operations in the general area is concluded” Olukolade said.


  1. Why we don’t have shame, why our leader don’t have shame. what a slap is this a whole barrack. that means nowhere is save in Nigeria, if barrack is nt save. I hope we all see where corruption lead us too. the only ministry that nobody qustion is ministry of defence.
    Dear general sir, Olukolade have u seeing the seeing of incident or u are just sitting down there in Abuja following fake godson report. For a leaner yoruba man say” iji to ja to gbe oniyo, ohnu so foniyefun masafira”. where we are know is nt only about money or power, is about our name is unblieveable no one care.
    For the little time of Late Ya’radua it wasn’t like this, if ur chief fail U that u too fail, while can u send then home when they fail. honestly sldr do there best an it clear fight somebody wit ak47 cant stand man wt A.A gun.
    sir i can say much than wt due respect u need to see for ur self nt by somebody report, how the whole barrack been born.
    may almigthy God save Nigerian from his enemy ameen.