Oge Okoye Also Gets Chieftancy Title (Photos)

It wasn’t just Chika Ike, actress Oge Okoye also got a Honorary Chieftaincy Title (Igolo Nwanyi 1 of Amoli) in Awgu L.G.A. Enugu State for her contribution to the growth and development of Igbo land. Congrats to her.

Another pic below…



  1. Its quite good yo hear and ofcourse see the achievevemnts of our female actresses but can any one tell me the greatest achievement of every woman? Certainly bearing a man’s name (Marriage )

    But y do lots of our actresses surfer much heartbreak and broken home more than others?

    Could we say its :
    1 Their pride of virtues dt no man worth their honor, loyalty and service?
    2 Or their class things? ie desiring above deserve or expectations beyond manifestations? as nature never gives desires rather deserves.
    3 OK what about makeups and packagings do all men accepts same?
    4 Actions and roles nko?
    5 Inability to conform to man’s decisions at home due to wildness and vein expositions?
    6 Unwillingness to answer the prefix “Mrs”?
    7 its obvious they may never make themselves available to serious minded, sincerely loving and caring young men. they cherish lies and game masters than otherwise
    8 Dirty lives and Godlessness.

    Pundering pundering pondering …..