Patient at British Hospital Finds Clock on Ward ‘Telling Him to Die’


Doctors at a British hospital were startled when an upset patient told them that the clock in his ward had announced his time was up, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reports.

“The clock is telling me to die,” the doctors quoted the patient as saying in an unusual case report.

“Turning to the wall, we confirmed that the clock indeed said, ‘DIE,'” said rheumatologists Stuart Carter and Fiona Fawthrop of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

“We discovered that the radio-controlled clock had reverted to German and was displaying an abbreviation of ‘Dienstag,'” meaning Tuesday in German.

“We quickly rectified this by pressing several buttons to show the English abbreviation, ‘TUE’. Fortunately, it was not the patient’s time to die at all.”


  1. You can actually chose when to die like Hezekiah did in the Bible when it was his time to die. This indicates that you don’t just give up the ghost for nothing. You should live to declare God’s glory. Jesus gave up the ghost after He said ‘it is finished’. One has the right to live when one is not yet finished. If you think you have finished like Elijah, that is ok then. When people said you are finished, most of the time you aren’t started yet. You should die averagely by or close to 100 years when ‘Child of God’ is permitted to die in the Bible. Truly the time clock in the hospital announced the patient’s supposed time to die but that was changed now. We may not personally determine date of birth but when death come around knocking, if you hear it then, know that, death is a messanger of consent too and your consent is also inclusive. You will not die but live to declare the works of God.